Jack leant against a tree and exhaled,  examining his hot breath in the air, watching it gain transparency, then stuffing another 3 fries in his mouth. 

Jack wasn't known for his education in etiquette nor did he show any desire to acknowledge his lack of manners. Jack had lived alone for a long period of time and had become accustomed to living day in, day out on his own terms, under his own rules, and never really perceived that this way of life would change. 

Over time he had gained a respectable cliental as a professional photographer,  he had learnt to study how people and things appear. This however didn't help him to be a people person. Jack simply could not talk to people, he would insult them by attempting a compliment, and was generally clumsy in the highest sense of the word. 

Jack would watch people and wonder what their day to day stories were, where were they going, what did they want from life, he often, through occupation obsession, wondered how he could capture it all in one big, beautiful, black and white still frame. He also considered that sometimes he might need to get a life. 

Plucking a particularly juicy french fry from the entangled pile in the small polystyrene container, Jack swiped it through an unreasonably sized dollop of ketchup and missed his mouth completely, dropping it down his front, covering his overly expensive tie and trousers in bright clumps of tomato sauce. Like the most uneducated of bachelors, Jack immediately took a dry tissue from his pocket and scrubbed at the mess until it was undeniably going to stain. Unperturbed by his dismal efforts to clean his tie of the crimson, Jack got stuck into his fries once more.

Pushing away from the tree, food in tow, Jack begun to dawdle aimlessly through the park on it's winding paths, passing small lakes and trees bigger than his apartment. 

Jack stopped again in sudden interest as he watched a woman tucking into a sandwich then regarding it with what could only be described as contempt. The facial expressions this woman were exercising were quite incredible, her soft features seemed to twist easily somehow like putty with a snowflake bone structure. She was absolutely enticing. Usually Jack didn't find time for romantic thoughts, but this one appeared to creep up on him, he watched her, fascinated as she put the sandwich away in disgust and leapt up from her perch on the bench in what appeared to be a precursor to a hunt. 

Jack begun to feel uneasy about himself, he didn't want to appear voyeuristic, it wouldn't be a good reputation to gain as a photographer! He took his eyes off the woman and began to stroll along once more, trying his hardest to ignore her, but he got the impression that she may have already sensed him, for she appeared to making a beeline for him. Jack was bad at confrontation... this was not going to be good... 


The End

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