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Baxter glared at the two people who had tried to steal the ship. They did not look to be much use.  They were just children, what did they know about this matter, that we were being set out to do.

"What in your mother's name are you doing?" Dancer asked, as she looked them over, she liked the build of the boy and the girl; she was not here to join the crew.

Greta was unable to do otherwise. She was going to be looking for an answer to this matter, listening in the radio signals. The planet was under attack, from the occupants of the planet.

Greta was unaware of what they were doing. Aside from boarding the ship, after having them bring in illegal arms or illegal armor/

Simone climbed into the gunners’ position, flipped the switches to ready position, the alarm designated that they were armed. She smiled looking down the gunnery sights.  

There were a large number of battle ships that were coming there.  A few other ships began to close the gap between them.

"We have to lose them, and fast?" Simone warned as she counted them, there were too many for her to have a prayer upon firing on.

"Balls, can you do it?" Baxter snarled, he knew he was putting his life into the hands of their chief lunatic.

"I can give it a try!" Balls stated as he ran his hands over the control console.  The ship began to shake, Sweat eased down his brow.

“Grab a seat and belt yourself in!" Dancer warned as she hauled her butt out of the way. The ship shuddered, as though it was going through 9 scale earth quake.

The ship made it out of the there.

MIcheala looked at his girl and could not believe what they have done this. How stupid. Could they be?

Baxter looked at them forlorn, the fates were not smiling on him, he supposed, why had he been doing this?

"It might have been better for him to have turned himself over to the security forces. Instead of doing this.

“We have to get to a star port.” Greta warned as she watched the engines plummet into the toilet.

“Rigel Seven port is nearby, we have to land there,” Baxter declared as he looked at the charts.

"Rigel Seven! We wish to land on your port!" Greta suggested as she looked at the position that they were headed towards.

"This is regal seven. You are welcome aboard. the liaison officer was able to talk them into the loading bay..

The ship slowly converged on the port. “Commence docking!” the pilot advised as the ship came into port.

"Docking has commenced!" Greta supplied, as the ship slowed to a halt.

A troop of six guards approached the ship, the door opened to allow the crew to emerge from the ship.   Baxter and Greta emerged from the ship first.  

The troop was armed as they so often were.  They smiled at them, Baxter,”

An elder man in the troop asked, “Why are you here?"

Greta supplied, as she knew this question would be raised as it so often has been. “We have to be refueled. Fit for passage."

"Dancer no gaming!" Baxter warned as he could just see what

"I will only use the ones.  I can afford to use?" Dancer supplied nimbly as she watched the captain wince.


“Baxter looked at him, shook his head in disgust and said, “starlight."

"Hot dignity dog! I will enjoy the gaming here?" Dancer stated. And clapped his hands together

"Alright!" Balls stated as  he drew up the chit, that he removed from the ship.  he did know what the chit had on it.  The items, he may want to create for the ship, might take too much time to be delayed by.

Simone smiled a smirk that was written all over her face, thinking. We have beaten them!"

Good to see you."

You have to keep the note, you have written for the event of the ship coming here again." the man in the lead addressed.

Dancer drew up the sheet, and asked, “This has no bearing on our ship.  The debt was taken care of, check Hendricks of cj armaments.  They have the agreed funds to carry us through this matter. That is what he told us, when we were last here.

The officials face sunk, Dancer smiled and patted him on the shoulder like a good chap.  He looked at her; his adjutant had told him that they were doing this.

They were about to come out smelling like a rose, who were on his side.  They were somehow unable be too caught.



The End

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