The problem; with the planet where the escorts were slainMature

The battles on teh surface were decivise. Vession knew, that there would be heavy losses, that was expected. 

The people who ahdor them to be taken fa arranged for the attacks on the night clubs were not to be found. Vession had arranged far away from the clubs, where they had delivered their tools of death, and a few of them destroyed limos' no one knew which one that they had to destroy.

The clubs were all at their busiest of this time. There were  quite a few people who were the original people, that they had slain.  The reason for this was to draw the attention to the clubs owner.  All of whom were Glad, the people were also hers.

Vession looked at the grid after they had finished making love to each other. TO show where if there was no explosions, but they ahyd all gone off as they should have.  There were ships that lay there destroyed by the security force.

Vee walked out into the tunnels to return to where she was supposed to go, after her job was complete, Vee still had to return there, to be put back on duty.  She id d not knwo as to what would happen if they were to stop looking for the forces that were responsible this having occurred.   

Vee walkd into her cubicle, Ash was waiting for her there. She was presently checking her weapons, she looked concerned. Vee acted as though she did not know any of this having happened. 

Ash looked at her, as if she had been out aftyer curfew. They had to be able to walk towards their  combative uniforms when their duty was to be pulled together. Vee did not know who had been slain by the forces that were there.

There had been a hundred ports that were destroyed along with the troop transports. The military was on the move trying to suppress the enemy/  She this was to happen.

The crew of the grey eagle went into the place where they could go into warp. They are afraid of what they were supposted to do. The two children did not understand any of this. They thought, that the crew was supposed to do this.  The crew had the usual tasks before them, they were afraid of what they wished for them to do.

Greta looked at the list of what the ship needed where they could get these items from.

The End

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