Inside the defensive stilelight port, the crew looked about in a confused fashion. T

They lost sight of all docks and peers on their planet. IT was as though their screen was wiped clean.The crews heard the explosiosn that ripped the planet's surface.

No one would know as to what they have done.

The crew grabbed their helmets to try and tack themselves in. They saw the static noise that filled the air. UNable to see anything other than snow. They did not knwo as to what was happening on the surface.

The crews watched as their boards were lit up. The planetiod military tact was coming in to pick up their new recruites in the morning.

The Grey Eagle flew past the military vessel, that was to land there. Dancer was expecting to hear that they were being targetted by the defensive statelite that surrounded the planet.  They heard<"Stop or you will be fired upoN!" it came in distantly as though they were talking to someone else.  

NOt them, Baxter saw the military vessel ease into veiw. No one had looked at their ship. He witnessed the guns turn toward the military craft. He heard no response. Quite suddenly, the defensive battery opened up on the vessel. 

They ahd made it out of the defensive bearer.

Vesssion took Vee into his bed room, he turned off of his veiwer of  the planets surface. The security had drawn up weapons to find out what was going on.  

The majority of the docks were a blaze from explosievs that his people had brought forth from their munitions.  Security would find no one at these sights. Where the Grey Eagle had been would be what may look like its death. Thanks to teh demise of the transports that were there.

Vee knew, that her security operatives, would not realize what they had done or why? She had to be thankful, that she was able to do this.  She had been able to have had hypnotized them with teh help of a compound she had Vession put into their food and drink.

None of them would remember doing this.   There was no way in which they could do this. She was afraid of what her boss would say, if he found out who had done this.

She knew her hands were not covered in their blood. However she felt as if they are going to kill them as soon as they found it to be.

Vession looked at the screen showing where they had to be.  She was going to protect themselves.

 Vee looked longingly at his organ, she cupped his balls inside her hands. Licked hi head like it was a lollipop. It began to grow larger and fill with blood to become ridge. She looked at him and smiled, with anticipation.

Vession began to rub her breasts to cause them to grow erect, they slowly began to climb to become as large as they could became. He slipped his tongue onto her nipples that quaked and shuddered. Sje swung her butt towards his face as she slipped it into her mouth. He had her slit before his face, he slipped his tongue into the slit. he played with her love channel. 

The End

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