Who destroyed the tower?" Balls asked as the tower burst into flames.

 "I think, we did?"

"Just what do you think, we have to do!" baxter snarled as he looked ta these two children and the box tehy had with them.

"take us to new Earth!

I suppose, you think, this is going to be easy!"

"We were told you would do this, without question."

"Sure, we are going to do this without question and why is that?"

"You have too."

Baxter shook his head. However knew, they woudl have too. 
"Buckle yourselves in!"

"we are going to have to leave here in a hurry!" Greta warned as she drew up the lift pod tore off of the pad.  gunner swung the turret to face the armorments that were looking their way. Hit the switch, the rockets blinked locked on. The rockets whoosed and tore off at the defenses.  That were now, no more.

"They are no doubt going to scramble something, this way?", Balls suggested

" To see whats going on?"

"Is there anything, we can use to produce something, with which we can hid behind leaving here." Balls inquired

"Those troop transports are usually armed to the teeth." Micheala supplied pointed at the three troop transports. with rocket launchers and heavy machine guns to spew their death.

"You sure?"

"Sure!""I will take their word for it!" Balls replied, before Baxter could say anything. Two of thsoe troop transports erupted into flames.  Fire like oil upon water spread to cover the ground metal flew like cards in a tornado. Other explosions rippled through the silence of the night.


Inside the command center of the planet, they witnessed the fall of the tower. THe explosion on the ground, seeing a man's upper torso and groin his mursclar arms holidng him upright. Than an explosion fell upon the security force that was there. 

The visual was gone, the only thing they could rely upon now was the auditory response,  tehy coudl not fathom what was happening. The ship was empty.  This was where they were to keep a closer eye on. The ship was not able to move. Without its crew.

The next thing, they heard was several explosions, as rapid as a machine gun firing its entire belt in less than a heart beat. There was no imaging being done here in this instance.

Vee knew, that this was when they would have to act. The supplies have gotten into their hands. How she wished that they did not have to do this.  She knew, that their plight would not be understood until the trial.

She knew where her security offices were, this was where she would have to arrange to have hit by them.  There were many who did not approve what Security had done here. She knew that they would have their say.

SHe had supplied the people who Vession had been teaching to know where their weak spots were, in the armor. She  heard the security alarm ring in her ears. The alarm had been surgically implanted in her head.

She had brought something along to take her mind off of it.  She sank the needle into her arm to bring her to feeling ambroise.  Her body sang as song of arrousal. Wanton arrousal.


The End

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