Where were youMature

"And where were you?" Micheala asked as Lotus stepped out from where she was hiding, she to wondered as to why he was named this.  And now, form the sound of it she was going to find out.


"On her ship!" Balls stammered.


"Did you know who you were making out with?"  Lotus demanded.


"Not at the time, no!  I found out later that she was blind, the woman I was eating out." Balls whispered, but everyone heard him whisper it.


"And you figured this was okay!" Simone asked as she climbed into the gunner's nest above the helm.


"What was I supposed to do?  Stop and decide to introduce myself to her, while I was doing this!  I suspect it would spoil the mood.  Would you not, think this...?” Balls asked, tears were streaming down his face.


"The woman is the commander of the sector we were in, that he killed. We damn near got ourselves killed doing this.  Thus, he is named Balls."  Dancer stated, happily.  It was always better, when they were able to point this out for other people.


"Check with the tower!" Baxter advised


"It’s under attack!" Simone declared as she saw the rockets hit the weapon array on board the tower, her Electrical and Light jammer lit up like a bonefire.  The board did not recognize the tower or the planet's defensive systems, but something bigger by far than that. 


"I wonder who they pissed off that much! For someone to do this to them!" Greta asked as she peered over to the tower.  Arms fire was all over the ground.  Rockets and laser beams rocked the tower.


"I think, we had better head out, before the welcoming committee finds out about us.  What do you think?" Baxter suggests, as he looks about the helm, trying to figure out where they were going to put these two lost souls that were here.


They lifted off as the tower burst into flames, and pieces of it were now air borne.  The tower was no more.

The End

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