Security forcesMature

The tower was surrounded by forces, that were outnumbered, but the arms that they had were more than enough to stop them from feeling as they should.


There were six sets of forces approaching the tower, the ground troops that had been there since time could remember were combat trained, but they had never seen a reason to react like they were under attack.


The forces that they were facing had been given weapons that could cut through their armor as if it was but air.  They knew they had to defend the wharves and docks.  They would do as they were told. 


The foe moved as if they were, but air.  They were here once, and were somewhere else at another instance.  They did not know how many there where there.


The tower was six sided; it was supported by three support tubes.  The force that was there radioed that they needed support.  Could they have six ems vehicles sent to the tower?


They knew what they were asking for it should be no problem for them to get them there.  As there was never a need for an EMS vehicle to be sent out.  So, the mention of this should have been sent without reason to question it.  They anticipated the arrival of these vehicles. Their radio communication was available to receive none.  They also were unable to send out their message.


The tower saw the space ship that was looming on their bow.  It seemed it have been a military class ship.  They were expecting one, in the morning.  Not now, they tried to reason with the crew of this ship, by warning them to identify who they were.


They had fired to stop the ship from destroying them, especially since it did not give them the call sign to identify the ship as being the military that was theirs.


That was when the ship decided to open fire upon the tower.  It knocked out the weapon array.  Than it choose to destroy their communication devices.  They were finished. 


They then choose to move out of the tower.  They were placed under arrest they did not know about the other engagements on their city.  They had lain in hope that they would be responded too.




The security ems vans were destroyed by the grenade launcher.  The ship began to turn her engines on, that were beside the where the ship that had acquired the two passengers.  That the ship was beside.

The End

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