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It was almost as if whoever had been doing this was security.  They had the weapons did they not?  It would make sense that they would have to be responsible for this.


She felt that the one responsible for the death of her people could possibly be her.  There was no other hand that would fit that glove.  She knew the reason they had to die.  That reason was something that she would not dare to divulge to anyone.




Sithera heard, “The tower has fallen!" He thought to himself that this was not good news.   The ship that was at wharf had to be off, now.  Only they probably did not know this.  How did he propose that they were going to be able to do this?  With the control tower being destroyed.


Vee listened to the report from security's hq,"The clubs across the city are ablaze.  We need more officers top contain the problem that is before us."


She winced as she entered the rail to get back to Sithera to tell him the news, that things were going as planned.   The city was going to be in termoil. 


The military may have to step in as Sithera suggested, would happen in the morning.  They would sup up the problem that has arrisen from tonight's clamity.  They should be here in the morning, not this eve.


Vee wanted to make long and passionate love to Sithera, he was entitled for what he had proposed, He was right as rain.  She would allow him to plung it up her rear, allow him to fill her holes with his cock.


Sithera was upset, he got on the communication device to see, who had the brilliant idea to attack the control tower.  Where had this idea come from?  Sithera wanted whoever thought of this to be boiled in hot oil.


He did not wish for the military to come in and get involved strenuously

Until it had been through the trial.  His daughter was going to try and create havoc.  He knew how deadly she was, when her determination was pushed into overdrive. 


She had gone underground, whatever she desired to do.  He knew it would not be good.  She would not listen to reason.  Her reason was that they must pay.



The End

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