The gent who is there is Balls!Mature

"The gent who is there is Balls!" Simone replied with a smirk on her face, Balls closed his fist.  He wanted to hit her, to knock that smirk off her face.  He did not necessarily like the name they gave him; he did not want the story to be told anywhere.  Especially to a boy who had no hair on his. As she pulled down the ladder to get into her position on the ship/


"Why is he called Balls?" Micheala asked, intrigued by the name he had just heard her say, why would she call him balls.  He was not brawny, did not look to be too dangerous.  However looks could be deceiving, could they not be.


"I do not want to get into it!" Balls screamed, and turned about to walk away.  He had gotten his belt for the repairs that they have to us,


"I want to know, too!" Brita asked.


"Well, he has no brains.” Greta answered, “As you will no doubt find out when we get off this Berge."


"I do have brains!" Balls snarled back like a lion trying to protect her young.


"Who went in there than and challenged Kilutas, while making out with her wife!" Baxter supplied, relishing the idea of bringing it up.  He enjoyed her recounting the tale; she knew it chapter and verse.

Baxter lumbered into his seat; there was a G stick there, with which to drive the ship.


"It was not like, that!" Balls stammered, looking anywhere but at Greta

Who was smiling at him? She had been willing try and stops the gale of laughter that was threatening to burst through her lips like a dam bursting. The corners of her mouth had gone up, to indicate what he was not supposed to have ever done.


"Well, where was he?" Simone asked, laughing a little as she said, this to him, winking at him. 


"In her bed!" Dancer roared, the laughter exploded from out of his mouth.


"Where were you?" Greta probed, as she continued to goad him, into telling his tale.  His face was red with embarrassment.


"Well, I guess.  In her bed!" he said, slowly as if to say he did not wish to say, it, but if he did not they would no doubt do it for him.  They were simply wonderful.


"What did I tell you?" Greta asked as she looked at his groin, as he brought his hands down to cover it, with them.


The End

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