Yet, in her ear she heard glad asking, “Who arranged for the limos to take my employees out to the clubs.  Who?"


She suggested,"According to our sheet, you are responsible for them being there. At all of clubs in the city, not all have your top escorts, but the one where the limo blew/  Yes, according to what we have gotten they were sent there by you!"


"That is impossible!"


"I will send you the card, or rather a facsimile of it to you.  Can you verify if it is your card?"


: I will do it, once I receive the card!"


"It's on its way!"


"Thank you!" Glad’s said; as she looked at the card's picture it was one of her own card.  She was stunned upon seeing it there.


"Glad’s, I am afraid.  I will have to place you under arrest!" the woman talking to her declared. "My officers will be there momentarily."


Glad’s was devastated by this having occurred to her.  She pondered as to who was doing this to her.  And why this was happening to her.  The forces would be looking for an answer, but did not see any reason to do this other than to look at her as being responsible for this.


She did not like the looks of this matter, did they have anything.   That would lead her to the answer that was before her.  The problem was frightening to her.


It was almost as if whoever had been doing this was security.  They had the weapons did they not?  It would make sense that they would have to be responsible for this.


She felt that the one responsible for the death of her people could possibly be her.  There was no other hand that would fit that glove.  She knew the reason they had to die.  That reason was something that she would not dare to divulge to anyone.




Sithera heard, “The tower has fallen!" He thought to himself that this was not good news.   The ship that was at wharf had to be off, now.  Only they probably did not know this.  How did he propose that they were going to be able to do this?  With the control tower being destroyed.


Vee listened to the report from security's hq,"The clubs across the city are ablaze.  We need more officers top contain the problem that is before us."

The End

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