Trouble in paradiseMature

"Were you not screwing her?  Did you not know who they were?"  Baxter inquired, a smile crept onto his face and vanished as he finished the sentence as if he did not need them to hear any more of this tale, he finally decided, it was more than enough information for their tender ears.


"I walked into the room!  I turned to see what made a sound.  When I looked back she was there naked in bed.  Beckoning me, to join her.  There.  So, I go over and dive into the bed with her. And this other woman waltzes in with a hand gun.  She tries to blow my head off with it."


"And why was that?" Greta asked as she looked accusingly at him, it was as if she had caught him red handed, but it was not his hands that she was talking about,



"I do not know?" Balls suggested as if to say, enough


"Maybe it was because you were screwing her, when she came in!" Dancer inquired, he remembered seeing him running down the wharf to dive into their ship.  Naked as a jay bird.


"One of them asked me, to join her.  She walked me, to the door to her room.  I turned my head as I heard a sound, when I looked back, there she was.   Laying there in the nude, beckoning me, to come to her.  On the bedside table were some drugs that they used to make someone horny.  Buy I did not need any of that thank you!  She was gorgeous." his mouth was watering just remembering what she had looked like.  Those long shapely legs that shaved pussy and those tits. He wanted her, now.


"And?" Brita asked intrigued by what she was hearing.  She had seen action like this from what her mother and the men and women she took to her bed were doing, when they forgot to lock the door.  To keep her little eyes out of their action with her,


"I climbed into bed with the woman whom I thought had asked me to join her.  It was odd. That she inquired as to why my bird was so thick, and long.  However that question ended, when she suggested, Oh, right.  That's the reason, you went where you did.  Is it not?  Than after that like interlude of a conversation, we became occupied with her and me eating each other, when the other woman screamed, “What do you think you are doing?"


"Well, what did you do?" Micheala asked as he looked into Brita's eyes and saw the wheels there turning in her head.


"Eating her is what I am doing.  It was after all kind of obvious. Was it not.  My mouth was there, and it was there.   What else would I be doing! I ask you?" Balls suggested, a bead of saliva spilled out the corner of his mouth, to trickle down to his chin.


The End

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