As luck would have it!Mature

morning.  Not now, they tried to reason with the crew of this ship, by warning them to identify who they were.


They had fired to stop the ship from destroying them, especially since it did not give them the call sign to identify the ship as being the military that was theirs.


That was when the ship decided to open fire upon the tower.  It knocked out the weapon array.  Than it choose to destroy their communication devices.  They were finished. 


They then choose to move out of the tower.  They were placed under arrest they did not know about the other engagements on their city.  They had lain in hope that they would be responded too.




The security ems vans were destroyed by the grenade launcher.  The ship began to turn her engines on, that were beside the where the ship that had acquired the two passengers.  That the ship was beside.


"Who are you?" Greta asked, as she looked the two of them over. Still not understanding as to what they were supposed to do with well two kids. They were pretty much still wet behind the ears and every other place as well. As Greta took her seat, flipped various switches.  Lights lit up across the boards, to indicate that they were ready to be used.


"I am Micheala, and this is Brita." the male stated, as he looked at them curiously, this is how they are supposed to get the equipment to the planet that he was carrying on his arm.  Where was the key that they would allow him to get off the ship?


"The gent who is there is Balls!" Simone replied with a smirk on her face, Balls closed his fist.  He wanted to hit her, to knock that smirk off her face.  He did not necessarily like the name they gave him; he did not want the story to be told anywhere.  Especially to a boy who had no hair on his. As she pulled down the ladder to get into her position on the ship/


"Why is he called Balls?" Micheala asked, intrigued by the name he had just heard her say, why would she call him balls.  He was not brawny, did not look to be too dangerous.  However looks could be deceiving, could they not be.


"I do not want to get into it!" Balls screamed, and turned about to walk away.  He had gotten his belt for the repairs that they have to us,


"I want to know, too!" Brita asked.

The End

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