Are you saying I am responisble for destroying my clubsMature

Glad looked at the data again, she could not understand as to how the data had come from there.  That card had not been used in years.  Who would have targeted her?  She treated her employees with the greatest of care and her employers had nothing to say about their not being pleased with them,


She contacted the Security to try and tell them, there had to have been a mistake made by them.  She looked at the screens which showed four of her clubs erupt into white flames. 


One club was where the limo had been blown to smithereens.  Security was studying the scene of the explosions.  They were checking everything over.  They were occupied with their study of the crime scene.


I want to know; who arranged for this to have happened there has to be an explanation for this? 


The officer, who was talking to her, had her hands full.  The space traffic control center had just been destroyed. There was a riot there.  None of this made any sense to her.  The clubs were in flames, a minute after curfew.  They had security having been designed for such an event as this.  In one place fine.  However this was happening all over the city at one time.


She was trying to find out the cause of this.  Without success.  The cybers were in the clubs, where they should not have been.  They should have been at home.  Waiting to go to the hospital, but no.  They were there at the clubs. 


Someone arranged for them to be given a free pass to go to the clubs.  There was no way, this could happen.  Yet it happened.  All of the cybers were at the clubs, doing what their parents had wished they could have done when they were old enough to go there. 


She asked, “Who issued the pass?"


The response came back, that it was Glad! 


Yet, in her ear she heard glad asking, “Who arranged for the limos to take my employees out to the clubs.  Who?"


She suggested,"According to our sheet, you are responsible for them being there. At all of clubs in the city, not all have your top escorts, but the one where the limo blew/  Yes, according to what we have gotten they were sent there by you!"


"That is impossible!"

The End

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