"Thank you!"Mature

  'Than you!' Simone said to this thin man, with the wine glass that he put down on the table for her to drink.  She had this happen too often, that was because she was confident and honest in her sexuality.


  The thin man smiled at her and knelt down to kiss her hand.


  'Simone blushed, and knelt down to kiss him. Slipped his hand onto her breast nearst him to allow him to know what she was offering him.  Looking down she saw the d=bugle in his pants. Winked at him and whispered something into his ear.


  The giant stopped at the woman and man's table knelt down to talk to them both.  He rose and turned around.  Gave them a thumbs up. The woman rose from her seat and waited for the elder to get to his feet, their guards began to advance slowly.  Each step cautionary.


  The giant arrived first, walked over to another table.  Spoke something to one of the tables occupants, the four who were there, quickly left as if they had to go to the bathroom in a second.  They had not finished their drinks, much less started them.


  The woman drew up a chair saying, 'I am lotus.  Forgive me, for taking offence to you!'

  'Lotus, allow me to introduce myself  I am Greta. Liason officer of the Grey Eagle.  Looking about identifing everyone at the table.'

   She watched as Lotus looked at the elder  who said,'I am Salish!'

  Baxter nearly leapt out of his skin.  That name made a chill run up his spine and his blood run icy in his veins.  He was growing deathly pale.  Baxter looked at Greta with a great deal of regret.  That name, he knew, he knew it from somewhere, but where!  He did not know.  He barely got the words out,'Did...'

  Salish asked,'Do you have something, you wish to say,'Baxter!''

  Baxter's mouth grew as the desert's sand is parched, 'You.. Say...



  'Indeed, I did!  Do you realize what has been said about me!  Might be just rumor!  No facts!'

  Baxter blinked his eyes.  Gasping to draw a breath.  Tears streamed from his eyes. Not because of the smoke, which was there, true.  Just, from hearing that name.

Greta asked ,'if she could take the giant to the dance floor!'



The End

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