Visiting Greta's tableMature

   He meandered over to Greta's table, drove his hand down on the table top.  It bounced from the force of the blow.  Putting his forefinger under Balls' chin to bring his eyes up to rest on his.  He snarled, ‘What do you mean; looking at Lotus that way.  She might take offense to it.  She actually has!'

  Balls looked at Greta, said in a hushed whisper thanks!

  Greta looked the giant over, rubbed his forearm and trying to calm the savage beast.  The giant drew his hand hurling Greta to the floor. He looked at Balls again and said, “Leave the lady be, she is just that!"

  Greta whispered back, 'Not to worry!'

   Pulled her off of the floor.  Looked into the brutes and saw a hint of amusement in them.  She winked at him. He smiled with his silver eyes, He was bald as bad could be, his arms were covered with tattoos. Brushed a lock of hair out of her eyes.

  The giant was perhaps uncertain as to what he now must do to keep him understanding this, with the woman looking at him like  doe would a fawn, he felt a chill of nervousness spread over his frame like a blanket of ice, he stammered,'Is he with you!'

  'I am afraid, so!'  She suggested, slowly turning to show him her abundant cleavage and smoking hot legs.  She smiled her impish smile. 

  'Perhaps, the lady might join us.  Also her gentleman friend and associates!   If they would not mind!' Dancer suggested, her Greta's hand was resting on Balls' thigh, it slipped further up his leg to touch his penis and balls the balls were the size of golf balls, she caressed them eagerly to suggest to him something more she could offer him by doing this to him, his cheeks grew red as he knew what she was doing there. As she rose to her feet. 

  She also saw the bar keep alerting the bars security. She knew that they would not be too happy in seeing this. 

  The giant stepped back, 'would you mind, if I check first?'

  'Be our guest!'  dancer supplied, trying to pull Balls crown jewels out of the fire, he had put them in. 

  'How did you know!' Balls asked, as he still felt the chill tear through his clothes of fear.

  'Look at the others at the table.' Greta advised, I might have to release the bartender from being here, he would be a prize catch.  However the giant might prove to be even a bigger catch.

  'There are no others, but him and her!' Balls stated as he looked her over and saw no one there , but him and her.

  'That is right!  And the others about the table are his guards!'Dancer pointed out.

  'What is she?' Dancer inquired, he too did not realize anything out of the ordinary

Until Greta pointed it out to her!


  'A bride or a part of a dowry or a food taster, I suspect one of those three  or all of them!'

  Simone peeked back to where Baxter would usually sit with his back to a wall.  Seeing Greta talking with Baxter and Dancer as a man came by to offer her a drink of champagne from the bottle he just bought for her.  


The End

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