Balls, no!Mature

  'I know, I do?' Greta responded back to him.  Smiling that devil may care smile. Ran her hands through her gorgeous locks of her blonde hair to draw her closer to her.

    That was until another customer drew his attention from her. The other customer was well built herself casting her gaze at him. Bitch, and did not like this blonde.  'Look at her hips they were huge as were her breasts. Probably had a boob job and butt job, too!'

      'Can you get off your stilts?  Dame!" Greta suggested, she did not need this tramp to ruin things.


  'I am not shrimp!' the blonde declared who towered over the bartender

 'without the stilts you would be about my size!' Greta stated, putting her fists on her hips

    'Look shrimp, I am without!  I would like to place my order!' she declared, 'Got it!'

  'Yeah, I got it!' Greta snarled back.


 The bartender was unsure as to what he should do; cast his eyes at the guards just inside his visual range than looked than looked at them.  'What would you like?'


          'Something smooth as velvet and soft as satin! Think you can do it!  Maybe even you!  Can you see what you can do?'|


         "Just you wait and see?" he smiled impishly, tonight be good.


   Greta slipped her card to the bar keep when he turned to deal with her, again Saying, ‘Yes, Can you dump the bitch!'

  Greta looked him over, tall well built, handsome even, she did not need anything other than what she was asking for, but she might not mind having him afterwards.  ‘Five White Russians, and the very best of your narcotics fifty ccs of the best of it. She asked after blonde left, as she was leaving she put her hand on her butt and shook it.  Smiled mischievously making a sizzling sound.  "How about your place after work!'

  'Are you sure, you want that?' he asked, straining his voice to still be heard.   As he drew up her card, 'Never heard of that ship; new to port.'

  'I asked for it, did I not?  Yes, we, just, got here today' Greta declared, that closed any idea of dealing with him. 

  She returned to the table where the upper echelon was seated.  Baxter the captain smiled as she returned.  He lifted his stead son from his chair, Reached to draw his card to exchange with hers. 

Greta watched as a waiter walk up the roulette wheel and hand Simone (chief gunner) her ccs which she received with a blissful smile. Winked at Greta.


Simone felt someone elses eyes resting upon her gorgeous frame; she peered across at where she felt the eyes were resting upon her from.  She saw a short man, with a huge stack of chips in front of him. Simone wavered at him.

  Balls (electrician) looked over the white Russian smiled impishly, as he saw a woman having just waltzed past him. spring around to further watch the woman who caught his eye,' Beautiful dancer!'

  The woman was a python, with sway of her wide hips.  Her nails were long.  Her fine obsidian hair in a long mane down to her butt.  She peeked over her shoulder at him and winked. 

  Greta watched his eyes; she warned ‘I do not like the looks of this!'

The End

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