The fightMature

The rest of the guards looked mortified by this happening to her.


She returned the sentiment to her.   Having slipped her hand to rest her breast and to caress the breast until like a porpoise began to rise, tearing away at the stretched section of her satin top.  The porpoise filled with blood and rose against her clothes, as it grew, and enlarged she kneaded her breast like one would a mass of dough.  She cried, begged, for her to continue.  She tore open her top so, she could reach the other one too, and she slipped hire legs between her own.  She knew her clit was growing more aroused, she felt it growing damp form what she was doing to her so far. Ground her crotch against her thigh.

 Feeling the hard muscled tighten beneath her pussy.  She stroked her crotch like a piston would grow faster and harder still, like one being pushed to its limit.  Water raced down her knee and thigh.  It also created a stain in her black dress where it presided.

One of the guards stepped inside to break them up. 


"Meelaas step away from her.  I wish to talk with her privately." the commander advised put a hand under her left breast.  She smiled and winked at her.


Baxter stood there with his mouth hanging open, as if he did not know what to say.  


Simone said, ‘get over it!'


'Yeah, Baxter gets over it!' Dancer suggested


'Remember, you did not know where she was originally from, it could be here!  I think it was here was where she had come from, don't you! Balls suggested


'See, you later!' Greta told the officer, waving good bye.


The rest of the crew disembarked from the ship.   The crew would take 2 and half days to get back aboard the ship. 



 'What corners.' she asked nonchalantly as if it never happened and yet it did.  She knew that as she saw to it. It happened that way.  However she knew, they would make it here without a question or doubt.


  'That's just it." Baxter snarled he glared at her, but smiled in spite of himself he did like the credits she got him, that was true.  He could not argue with that, also he enjoyed her accompanying in bed too, much to object to strenuously.


  ”They are the brakes, kid.  You know that!   That is how I get her done!' Greta said as if it explained everything, she winked at him as if to disarm his fear she tapped his shoulder.  He looked at her other hand which was reaching for his credit chit. He grabbed her wrist before it got there,


  'It is my ship!  Not yours' Baxter said forlorn.   Wiping his face to draw the sweat from his brow, he was feeling faint just from remembering being done to his ship.  Baxter wanted to tear her hide from her body, so she would understand what she had almost done to the ship.  However no matter what he felt about her, he needed her.  She knew what she was doing aboard his ship.


   'To get the best for Grey Eagle.  I do these things, right? Right!' Greta continued on, she turned and left him after regaining her hand from his hands.  He was now wagging them in front of her as she turned her back on him to go in search of the bar. 

  She had arrived at the club walked in looking at the black marble bar, the bar keep looked at her, and ‘You look good! Babe!' 


  'I know, I do?' Greta responded back to him.  Smiling that devil may care smile. Ran her hands through her gorgeous locks of her blonde hair to draw her closer to her.

The End

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