Greta had to helpMature

hunks of metal, if they tried to allow them to do this any further.  There was nothing more that could be done.


Baxter did not want to know where?  He felt if he was to find out it would not be good to find out.  He preferred to be a mushroom, better in the dark where he could grow.  His chief and sole vice trusted Greta and her pursuit of more capital. And    His ship needed a lot done to it to make it space worthy, truly space worthy.  The authorities came close to pulling his ticket.


Greta knew which palms to grease to allow it to be still space worthy.  He shook his head at her and her antics.  There was almost no line she would not cross to get the ship into space. 


The ship almost became naught.   She enjoyed what she did.  Or so, He suspected, He would not doubt what they were doing there.   They nearly got fired upon getting here, by not advising that they were here.  Until they slipped out of warp, and were when they heard, “We have firing resolution.  Target has been acquired!"


Greta screamed, praying to which ever god was there listening to this dialogue, that they heard her, “We are the Grey Eagle!   Repeat, we are the grey Eagle; WE have come here to supply you with produces from Kilatee!"


"Did you say, Kilatee!" the space traffic officer inquired.


"I did!  I will repeat Kilatee!" Greta's prayers had been answered, when she heard the voice replied with this.


"Hold your fire. They are here from Kilatee!" the officer smiled happily, so they have finally gotten here. They barely made it here on time, but they were here.  He was released something was going right.  Finally.


"They have come from Kilatee!' another officer there inquired, there was a look of amazement on his face too. After finishing looking at the scope that showed them there


"They are the grey eagle!" the officer declared


"We have the supplies!  From there." Greta suggested listening to dead air space.




"Supplies from Kilatee!" Greta suggested, beaming a smile at her crew, they had made it even with delays.


"Slow your speed.  Head to landing bay 67." the officer suggested


The guards of the planet approached them looking as if they desired to put them under arrest for what they had just done getting here.  The defensive gunners had been told to abate their weapons from firing. They succeeded in stopping the barge of lasers and cannon fire. By less than a heartbeat. 


The defensive commander Meckas walked towards them, she did not look impressed a she looked over the people who emerged last from the ship.  Her eyes hung on Greta an instant longer than anyone else.  He grabbed Baxter by his collar. Pulled him from his feet, brought him so as that he was nose to nose.  With her, “What do you think you were doing?"


Greta looked into the corner of her eye, she recognized her she had to help Baxter before Meckas lost her temper entirely.  She knew she was one hell of a hot head.  She slapped her wrist to cause her to release Baxter, and grabbed her by her empty hand, heaved her over to face her, Baxter fell onto his unsuspecting feet, he tumbled onto the floor

Meckas looked at the woman who had her hand on hers. 


Greta whispered and winked at her, “He was not responsible, I was. Good to see you!'


Meckas looked at her; if looks could kill she would be dead. She launched herself at her.  Her lips and tongue crashing and bursting through her calm veneer to explode and show how she was feeling as she wrapped her arms about her back. 

The End

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