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  Simone knew, I have play here on the planet to get to where you can go to  make a lot of capital in a relatively short time in a few closed door sessions  but you had to be willing to dare to shave down a few corners on the dice, you were rolling.  Kind of like daring to play billiards with a blindfold on.  Even if I did have no cards up my sleeves, how was I know the others did nor.' The house would no doubt try and fix the odds.


  Greta Cosy was good at getting things for the ship to haul.  Her aspiration was that she would get the best of cargoes, and the most capital for the ship.   She knew the capital was good, but could not shake the feeling Baxter was not pleased with it. She smirked as she asked, “Did I do good! Baxter!"

  "You did alright!  Gret!  I still wish you had taken it easy on the engines and the electrical systems" Baxter said as he sat down at a table.  Counting his fingers to see if they made a profit.  Was astounded 'that she did, but not by much.   How by getting things that were extremely lucrative or getting them there the fastest way!'

     She suggested' she did not hear him suggesting what she should not have done; only that she did right.   That's all that mattered.  "You object to me making a profit!"


  'No!' Baxter's eyebrows arched said," but I do object to you cutting as to how many corners you cut getting here!'


       He recalled, the sound of them driving into warp.  The ship shuddered and damn near broke a part doing it.  Dancer and Balls was worried when they had done that.  The ship had threatened to break into little pieces as the ship was rocked by the force of entry.  Balls swore she would come a part one of these days.  He did not like the feeling that this was happening more often than not.  The fuel cells were beginning to wean power; the forces that were excruciated on it were most powerful.


     Baxter remembered the sweat running down Dancer's brow. As he screamed at them to slow down the speed of the ship.  Holding onto the walls of the ship to remain up right.  It was like trying to ride a bucking bronc.  It was never the same where the shudder would come from.


     The ship shuddered and shook from the speed it was going at. Dancer was afraid; it was going to rip right open.  Rivets shot and spewed from their housings.  It was like being in room where popcorn kernels were being heated to pop.  Only these kernels could get you killed by being in their way.  They were white hot.  .  Simone and Greta did not want to go 

The End

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