I have to get inside the ship. How do I think, i am going to do this, I do not know. The guards looked blood thirsty enough, as it is. Without us doing anything this stupid. But no.  We ahev to board a ship here at this dock.

The gaurds look like they are expecting something, just what  I do not know. Nor do I want to find out.

All I wanted to do was make love to my girl and board the ship, and away we go.

The guards stood there looking at the crates as though they suspected  something to go awry. What had happened, the docks were usualy clear at thi stime of night or so, Sibera had told him. Look at them there, I never saw that that close before twice my size.  And I am pretty tall. Double my girth, armed to the teeth.

The ship does not look like it is going to be a cakewalk to get inside either. There has to be another way, but what?

His girl looks at him and is crying in fear, of what they are doing out here, after curfew. They could be  shot for just that. Security never missed anyone she had seen shot by them.  The wounbds were not able to sealed.  The living became the dead. In a heart beat.


Balls looked over the club, he liked what he saw at that  table.  There was a very niced looking oriental lady, he often wondered how good a geisha was maybe he would find out tonight.  Simone looked at his pants and saw the bulge, she knew what that meant. It was not  a good thing to think. Unless he was looking at those two women over there, who were naked except for their jewelry and hi heels. Busying themselves with those men.  Then Simone took a closer look at who Ballds was looking at.

How Balls got his name, was simply that, he had balls in abundance.  Especially when he was challenged at anything. He made people who were fearless look like they were scared of everything. Balls held his own on any fiel of battle. knew how to kill every way possible and then some. One of the crew that finally gave up dicsiplining him, suggested he had balls bigger than a brass monkey's. That was saying something/

Balls did not know, when to quit. He simply did not know, He was imagining something,he should not be in the time we were to be here. We had to be off in a few days if not sooner.

The End

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