The deals, that would make their day more beneficalMature

    His rage.  The tears streaming down his cheeks, his standing there with hsi closed fists galring at them.  Especially after finding out that there would be no autopsy for her or anyone else.  On that faithful day.




    Sasha walked into the armory to draw up the bags of stuff was ear marked for the club on the street, five blocks from here.  She did her usual hand over the card, put her eye into the retinal scan.  Waited for it to beep, after that happened she was give her usual bags for the club.


    She checked her wrist to see, if what she had been told was true, that no flyers were in visual of her. She would have to deviate from her usual route there only by going into the grocerier half a block from where she usually went.


    The grocerier looked at her, she handed him the bags.  He handed her two other bags, they looked identical to the ones she had brought in here.  She had often wondered what was in them.  Once she poked her nose into it and was told never to do that again. 


     If she wanted to receive the penny.  The pretty penny that she was to receive for bringing them to this club.  The penny was able to buy pretty much anything on the open market.  How she got the penny was from her brother who had been consigned to the military five years ago. 


    She knew in three, she would go there also.  From what she was told, her job would end tonight.  However she found that  she had made far more pennies than she ever earned before. Doing this, she asked,"If she could peek inside the bags that she ahd always carried from the armory?"


     The grocerier said,"Why not?"


    She peeked in and saw three glass bottles containing a silvery mattrial and three vials of a silvery fluid.  There were two tubes of something that looked to be black with shiny tops on them. "Can I check these?"


    "Go ahead babe!"




      Beautrix wondered with MIcheala had up his sleeve.  He had told her over the comm.  That he had to see her.  Tonight.


      She had suggested that he could have her virginity, if this was to be the last day on this planet.  She forgot that today would be his last day here.   However her mother would not allow this to happen, would she?

Of course not. 


The End

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