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  "Great, work!  Greta.  Thanks for the credits!" ,Simone (chief gunner) said as she slapped Greta's up held hand.  Greta (liaison officer) winced, how she wished she did not use that much force to sell her way of acceptance.

 'You did well!  How did you know to take that here?' Balls said as he slapped Greta's large derriere.  Greta did not appreciate his hand going there.

  Baxter (captain) grumbles, counting his fingers and decided, ‘we did not make enough!'

  Dancer (chief engineer) ducked as Greta whirled about to hit Balls, , he anticipated her doing this to him, she had warned him repeatedly that she would one of these days Saying too late with the warning, 'Watch out!'

 Much too late Greta pounded him with a heavy right cross.  Balls lose his balance falls onto his back.

'She hit me!' Balls (chief electrician) exclaimed as he rubbed his chin. Checking to see if his jaw was intact.  He knew if she had truly connected his jaw would be no more. He had had his jaw wired back to be what it was.

'Balls! You deserved it!' Simone stated with a smirk as the door to rail opened.  Inside it was smaller than companion way of their ship. It was jam packed with people going here and there.  The style of clothing was also not a question here, nude to fully clothed, the people rode in it.  The benches were filled with people.  So, the only choice was to go standing up.  'Get inside!'

They had to get to the rail to collect their money.  The rail was a monorail but it traveled underground.  The rail tore through the passage way with such speed that was inconceivable, to stop at the club, where they heard it was great to be. When it stopped it was as if it had not even been moving.

It looked to be a palace, they looked it over on the outside it must have been a good couple of hundred stories to its end. It looked to be a house of glass.  The doors through which they would have to enter were quartz; it looked transparent with the veins of whatever other substance made it up.  Having   no handle to touch.  There was just a slot through which the people desiring to admit put their card. If it was accepted you were admitted inside.

The End

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