Gaining a crewMature

The coercion of the crew to bring in the evidence to New Earth, how this happened. The evidence gets to the area, that they would have to take and why?

The people of the New Australia caused several bodies to have fallen by the intelligence that has arranged for this to have occurred. What had to be presented there.

Someone has been assigned to stop the evidence from getting in there. What she has to do to do this? What her plight is?

  • Sibera knew that it had to be done on this day. By the crew, who would not know any of.  He knew, he was trusting Vee (Security operative)  with his life and hers. Could ill afford for anything to go wrong.  She was not reassured by what he spoke of.  Their live hung precariously in the balance. If they failed, they were the eviodencedead. He knew this. Fear closed its coiled body about his, feeling it crush the very air from his lungs.  He felt secure that they were safe knowing that they would not fail.  If they did their bodies would be forfeit.
  • He knew too many people who had turned up dead with pieces of their bodies removed by weapon fire. That only personals carriying with them weapons. They claimed it was the underground who were responsible to this, Vee too, knew of a few members of the human race who turned up dead too. Security ruled the planet with an iron fist. He looked et the ledger of the dead, knew he had  to do this.

He kissed her ample breasts as she looked into his eyes, knowing that today might be their last day together. She needed him, wanted him. She wrapped her legs about his waist to draw him inside her/

 Were the elite of the world's escorts, they of the space ship take off two of the witnesses to New Earth.  For the trial that should not have ever been necessary.  The crew was not going to be happy, than again the planet's forces would not be happy either with their cargoes consignment of supplies.  That was their cross that they would have to carry.  He knew it arrived at the other planet.  They would be enticed to take it to him.

      The club should be just a booming, when they got there.  He prayed, what he had produced would allow them to pull this off without a moment’s hesitation, it had to be done.

 The com rang. He answered it, and smiled as he put it to his ear.  Later hung up as he smiled a dazzling smile He was excited, it was going to happen in his lifetime yet.

    "All will go as we planned it." Sibera addressed her

   "Good!" Vee said, as I drew him to me, I wanted congress and she wanted it now, undid his belt with my teeth, to encourage his organ to come to life.


   The club was arrived at by either walking which most people did not, or use a rail to get there.  The tube as they called it was designed to keep the atmosphere in the structures; outside was no atmosphere.  As there is too little gravity to keep an atmosphere there on the surface.


The End

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