Fighting TearsMature

Sally glanced over at Marny and Clockwork, deep in conversation, and sighed at the troubled expression on Clockwork's face. Ever since Clockwork had been rescued and brought into the rebellion, she had been questioning this World and the fighting. She had wondered if it was worth it, if perhaps she should just give in; give up. The worst part of this was not that she should not be thinking this way, it was not how much it obviously crushed Marny to know how much the machines seemed to scare her and it was not the fact that no matter how many times she was told it was worth it, she always stuck with the fact that maybe, just maybe, it was not. No. The worst part was that it affected Sally too and thus it affected Pepper too who managed to reflect it upon the rest of the rebellion and their people whenever Clockwork fell into this mindset.
"Stop thinking will you? Your growing frown is making it difficult for me to dress your face and this camp doesn't need you doubting things again." Pepper was rolling her eyes at Sally in obvious disdain. "And anyway, you know I love that smile of yours."
Sally laughed as Pepper winked at her, knowing that she was doing it purely to stop her trying to hear what Marny would say this time to let Clockwork know the world was not going to end so easily and try and install some hope in her... Once again.
"Oh shut up Pepper!" Sally exclaimed, loud enough for the now quiet Clockwork to glance around in wonder momentarily before seeing Sally's face, giggling to herself and turning back to continue working. Pepper stuck her tongue out and covered Sally's mouth with the dressing she had been about to put on the wound on Sally's face and a small, couples fight began.

Others would wonder how the two of them could be so light-hearted together after the death of someone so close to them but that was just the way it was. After all of this time fighting, there was not time to think about those lost, there was not time to mourn. Everybody just had to keep their heads high and keep hoping, keep fighting. If that meant they would be playing stupid games and rolling around on the floor with a bandage then so be it. This war could not be won with tears. 

The End

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