We Care for Humanity: Operation Santa

We Care for Humanity: Operation Santa

We Care for Humanity: Operation Santa

By Maureen Brindle 2015

We Care for Humanity has organised the most successful Operation Santa of all time. Princess Maria Amor took the lead at ground level to launch Operation Santa spreading its love all over the world.

It wasn’t limited to those who traditionally love Santa, Operation Santa spread joy to all children of all faiths in many countries. People contributed the presents and We Care for Humanity arranged for the distribution.

The presents represent the love and unity by people all over the world to the world’s children. The joy in a child’s eyes receiving a present and gifts to a poor family of shoes & clothes makes Operation Santa so worthwhile.

Operation Santa goes on. Hands into a heart is We Care for Humanity’s part Santa cares for humanity, Presents under a Christmas tree, The world hears slay-bells ringing, In the whistling wind angels singing.

Children find their special present Over land, air and seas sent. Toys, clothes or shoes to wear, Covering feet that were once bare, A book to read or a cuddly bear, So many presents to share. Every child no matter who, Belongs to mankind that is true.

Princess Maria at the core, Of Operation Santa for sure. Santa’s happiness for all. Santa answers the seasons call. Presents in many lands, From We Care for Humanity’s hands

The End

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