The Beginning of the End

We once ruled the Earth, and our magic kept it alive. Everything was peaceful, all were happy. But then the humans discovered us and our magic, and began to hunt us for our flesh. We were not ready for the sudden onslaught, and were nearly driven to extinction. Those of us that survived decided to go into hiding, to rebuild our strength. And with our withdrawal, the Earth began to die. But we could not go out to keep it strong, for if we did, we would die.

But we have returned, and it is war

The silence was not a bad silence; no, it was a good silence. It was as if the dark woods were eagerly holding their breath, anticipating the arrival of something great. The wolf waited silently by the spring, nearly trembling in anticipation. The deer he was crouched by was waiting eagerly as well: he was not interested in eating her. For right now, there was no hunting or violence: just peace. After what may have been hours, or maybe mere seconds, the wolf raised his head. The soft, but distinct smell of what he was waiting drifted around him. His tail began to wag, and he saw her. Far more beautiful than anything he had ever seen, she glowed as the moonlight reflected off her soft silver coat. Dark liquid eyes scanned the area as she emerged into the clearing, no making a sound. The wolf rose to his feet and stepped into the clearing, as did the deer. Both bowed, in awe of the beauty that stood before them. She dipped her head to them, and as they watched, the forest around them seemed to grow stronger and brighter. She slowly started walking through the forest, and the wolf laid down, content to watch. She was about to vanish into the woods with the shot rang out. She gave a startled cry, blood spraying through the air. She gave another cry, and then she fell. Immediately, the wolf sprang to his feet, snarling. A human appeared, laughing in triumph. Fury lent the wolf strength as he attacked the human, powerful jaws locking around the pale, fragile throat of the human. It was ridiculously easy: the human collapsed under his weight, its face landing in a pool of her blood. The wolf backed away, glaring at the human. It would die in moments: let it suffer for what it had done. As the wolf watched, the human swallowed some of her blood. And then the human healed, and should have been a fatal wound was nothing more than a faint scar. The wolf growled and lunged, but the human was ready this time. It laughed, and shot the wolf in the heart. As he died, the wolf watched as the human butchered her, saying “I’ll be rich!” And the wolf knew that the world was going to change. For when a unicorn was slaughtered and butchered… it was an omen of the world’s end.

The End

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