We all die.......

Beep!  Beep!  Beep!

Your alarm clock has done it's job once again.  You look around your room and find that the cleaning fairy has forgotten your house..... Again.  

As you make your way towards the bathroom a man dressed in a clown suit blocks you by standing in the center of the hallway about ten feet away.  With a rainbow clown afro, black mask paint, bright white around his eyes, and a bright red nose.  Not to mention those nicotine stained horribly kept teeth that seemed to be filed down to the gums.

You know that feeling, even though you've never known it before.  Death.  Death is here and it is coming at furious speed down the hallway.

If there was any less time to react you may have passed out, but you got front row seats to the greatest show on earth. 

The last thing you see is a six foot clown towering over you with your new Chicago Cutlery chef knife making a b-line straight towards the center of your eyes.

You're dead......

The End

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