A billionaire has invited a number of guests over to his private island for the weekend, where he plans to conduct the last of his business affairs and decide amongst his guests and villa staff how to divide his estate before he passes away. But someone just can't wait for him to die.

Luca Accardi- Deckhand of the Electra.
Maya Avninder- Personal assistant to Ms. Roche.
Alejandro “Al” Blanxart- Sailor, family friend.
Edie Klein, née Carruthers- OB/GYN, wife of Mr. Klein.
Sarah Chambers- Personal assistant to Sir Murray.
Errol Daugherty- Attorney to Sir Murray.
Victoria Díaz- Lady, model, family friend.
Anna Farina- Chef/Bartender of the Electra.
Jerko Franjic- Captain of the Electra.
Harriet “Hattie” Goulding- Student, granddaughter of Sir Murray and Ms. Roche.
Rosalind Hines- Housekeeper to Sir Murray.
Michael “Mike” Holland- Activist, former corporal.
Daniel “Jack” Jessup- Bodyguard to Doña Díaz.
Shecar Kemal- Doctor, castaway, Kurdish refugee.
Bradley Klein- Politician, husband of Mrs. Klein.
Ilija Kovac- First mate of the Electra.
Tullia Laganà- Maid to Sir Murray.
Henry Locke- Journalist.
Francisca Messana- Stewardess of the Electra.
Linden Murray- Oil tycoon. 
James Nash- Private detective.
Oshiro Hideki- Architect, family friend.
Gisèle Patenaude- Chef to Sir Murray.
Ramona Murray, née Roche- Philanthropist, ex-wife of Sir Murray.
Corrado Rossi- Gardener to Sir Murray.
Arsenio Santoro- Engineer of the Electra
Neve Sawyer- Police constable, former detective inspector.
Michael Sharlto- Professor, archaeologist, boyfriend of Ms. Yuen.
Raul Sorrentino- Deckhand of the Electra.
Yelena Tkachenko- Fiancée of Sir Murray.
Adrian Touchstone- Physician to Sir Murray.
Katherine “Kathy” Vogel- Cellist, cousin of Sir Murray.
Isaac Winthrop- Helicopter pilot.
Sophia Yuen Lin- Model, actress, girlfriend of Mr. Sharlto.

The End

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