Chapter 28- The End

Sobs echoed around the meadow, much louder than the music playing near the edge. Peter walked through the meadow slowly. His eyes were distant. But that was not surprising. He hadn't been there since the day of the war. His thoughts were much more comforting than reality.

Peter carried a body. The body seemed puny and light in his arms. No one would have ever guessed that the white haired girl in his arms had slayed two dragons, saving her whole village.

Humans were not the only ones attending the funeral. Three dragons stood off the the side, silently watching. A bear cub was with them too. The people that were not completely taken over with grief eyed the dragons. Silent whispers of almost broken promises cried out to them whenever they felt hate bubbling up at the sight of the dragons.

They had promised to try and trust the dragons to honor the dead hero, but it was hard to trust something that helped along the hero's death. Of course, it was not only the dragons fault, the humans had played a role as well. They were foolish enough to actually think the innocent girl had been a witch.

Fear had taken over the village and they had reacted rashly. Everyone had played a part in her death, but it was against human nature to blame it on themselves. They blamed it on the only other thing they could, even as guilt racked against their conscience.

One little girl smiled at the dragons and waved. She seemed to be ignorant of the pain surrounding her. Her blond hair swirled around her shoulders. Her mother pulled Jasmine close, refusing to let go. She had been within touching distance of her daughter since the attack,

At first glance, the hero's parents seem not to care. But upon closer inspection, someone can see the tears in their eyes, the blank gazes. They had dark bags under their eyes from the nights spent crying. The hero's mother had her hair pulled into a sloppy pile on top of her head, trying to hide the untamed hair that had grown dull. Both of the parents had aged many years in just a few days.

The body was finally placed into the ground. Everyone was asked to say a few words. No one could speak long enough to say anything, except for the girl. She grabbed a handful of dirst and stood in front of the grave.

"Amani always followed her heart. At least, that's what my momma said. I don't really know what that means. But I do know she could always tell right from wrong. When she was given to the dragons, she didn't let our stories scare her. She befriended them."

The girl paused to wipe a stray tear. She spoke again, her voice cracked, but she carried on. "When one of the dragons was hurt, she didn't think about the punishment, she did everything she could to save him. Even when a dragon tried to kill people close to her, she stayed close to the dragons she had befriended. I know everyone will miss her, even if they can't say it out loud," Jasmine dropped the dirt into the grave slowly. It was obvious the girl had gown up as well.

The grave was covered and people headed back to the village. There wasn't much to go back to. Everything had been burned down. No one knew what do do. Gardens would take weeks to grow, and weapons would take weeks to make. Probably longer, no one wanted to do anything except grieve. Everyone's life had been torn apart, it was hard to even move.

Giant bursts of wind came from the sky. A few people looked to the sky. Another dragon was landing. He was gold and red. The other dragons bowed respectfully. The only human that seemed to care that a dragon had just landed was the Council elder. He walked over to greet the dragon.

"May I ask what it is you want? And who you are?" The dragon glanced at the old man in front of him.

"I am Ryuu's father, I am also the king of dragons. I had heard about the rebellion, but, unfortunately, I could not make it here in time. To thank your village for helping us stop a rebellious dragon, and to thank the girl for giving us a chance, I have come to see if I could help. We could help hunt, for we do not need weapons. Our dragon magic also helps us to grow plants faster. And you could stay at the castle on top of the hill until the village is rebuilt."

"Thank you for the kind offer. We might have to take you up on some of that. Our men have not gotten over the shock yet." The king and the Elder bowed to each other, signifying a truce.

The three dragons, Tanith, Ladon, and Ryuu, were sent ahead to the castle to set it up for the villagers. None of them spoke during the flight back, each caught up in their own thoughts. When they made it to the castle, however, none of them could contain it anymore.

"She must have known what jumping would do," Tanith said, her voice a mixture of anger and depression.

"Of course she did, but she didn't care. She wanted to save me, and everyone else. She didn't care about the consequences."

Ladon looked at the sky. The sun was starting to set. Despite the sadness surround the nearby areas, he smiled. "At least she is back with her sister. That will make her happy."

The End

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