Chapter 27

An angry roar sounded throughout the village. Ladon and Tanith were beside me after the echos died down. They both looked to the sky.

"That was Ryuu. He is hurt. We have to help him. Are you coming Amani?" I nodded and slid onto Ladon's back again. Tanith changed back into a dragon. They flew swiftly into the sky. Both didn't pay attention to the sky around them, too focused on finding Ryuu.

"Tanith watch out," I screamed. She turned just in time to avoid the silver monster. It slowed down and turned to face us. His eyes watched me with excitement.

"How does it feel to know you caused this? Come with me now and this will all be over." He held out one of his legs, claws flashing dangerously in the falling light. I narrowed my eyes with anger.

"You killed my sister, my friends, even a child, and expect me to join you? You are insane. The villagers were right. Dragons like you are evil." Anger filled his eyes, making them seem darker then usual.

"Then you will watch them all die, starting with Ryuu." He shot straight up. Ladon and Tanith followed as quickly as they could. We made it to the two dragons just as Sigurd pinned Ryuu under him. Sigurd tucked in his wings and pushed Ryuu down. We were above him as they fell to the ground.

"No," Tanith choked out. They both knew that they could never catch Ryuu in time. I glanced at the sword on my side. Glancing directly under Ladon, I realized they were under us. I pulled the sword out and stood up.

"What are you doing? Amani, stop it!" Ladon growled fiercely at me. I gave him a weak smile before jumping. His claws scrambled to grab me, but missed. I glanced down below me. Ryuu was fighting back, slowing down their fall. If I hurried, I could stop Sigurd.

The decent was quick, but seemed to last a lifetime. My hair whipped around me, creating a white halo. I blinked rapidly, keeping my eyes moist so I could see. They were getting closer. I relaxed and tried to position my body to go even faster. The ground was much closer now. I could start to make out houses.

Neither of the dragons noticed me coming. Sigurd was stretched out flat in the air. He was directly under me. I would land directly between his wings. Exactly where I needed to be.

I gripped my sword tighter. Ryuu finally noticed me, but it was too late for him to do anything. I moved my sword in front of me preparing to land. I hit his back. Sigurd twisted around, startled. I drove the sword under his scale. He moved slightly, blocking most of the attack.

It worked though, he let go of Ryuu. I gripped tightly on his back as we plummeted to the ground. I watched as we came closer to the ground. Our whole village was on fire, everything bathed in an orange glow. No one was in sight. I silently begged that they were in the forest, which had not been engulfed by the flames yet.

I let out a startled gasp as Sigurd spun around. I stuck one of my hands under a scale to avoid falling off. I was now watching the sky. I could see dots of green, purple, and red. They were too small to see any details, but I knew they were the dragons I had come to trust and befriend.

"Let go of me, human. I will not die with you." I gripped tighter refusing to let go. He started to writhe and twist in the air. His scales moved to allow him to do so. The scale I was holding on to dug into my skin, opening a large cut. I forced myself to ignore the pain. Every time he moved it would dig in deeper.

"I said let go!" My hand was starting to slip. I let go of the sword and grabbed the scale with my other hand. The hand that was cut from the scale reached back to grabbed the pin that was supposed to be holding up my hair. My white hair had escaped from the coil a while ago, but the pin had stayed in.

I gripped the pin tightly. Sigurd kept writing and I waited for the scales to open up. Finally, they did. My arm thrust forwards, digging the pin deep into Sigurd's body. He roared with fury and pain. His body went into overdrive. He twisted and writhed. One of his scales hit my hand forcefully.

I let go. Before I could grab on again, I fell away from the elder silver dragon. Refusing to look down and face the ground, I closed my eyes. Memories of the last few weeks came to mind. I slowly went through my life, starting from this moment and going backwards. Memories of my family, of the dragons, the legends passed down through the village, my friends that had been killed, my sister.

I hit something. My back arched at the pain. I bounced and hit the ground yet again. All of my thoughts left except for the pain. I drew in a ragged breath before darkness took over, letting me escape from the pain. I welcomed it willingly. The breath left my throat and I fell into the darkness, pain all but forgotten.

The last thing I could remember was a smile appearing on my face. I had done it. I had saved everyone.

The End

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