Chapter 25

“What is going on up there? It is so silent.”

“Shut up! Do you want us to be found?” The safe house was crowded, filled with both villagers and gypsies. It was dark as well, no one could see anything even directly in front of them. I listened to the quiet arguing. The villagers were frightened, and she didn't blame them. It was unusually quiet. Everyone was waiting for an attack, or at least a sound.

“It must be a prank, she is leading us into a trap! I bet no one is even out there,” One of the women shouted. It sounded like Jasmine's mother. Everyone tried to hush her, but the damage was done. Heavy footsteps sounded above them. The room held its breath, waiting for what was to happen next.

Slowly, the door opened. I closed my eyes, adjusting to the light. A dark chuckle sounded above us. Fearing the worst, I opened my eyes. The man from my memories stood above us. Sigurd, the dragon that had killed innocent people.

“So that's where you have been hiding. Very naughty of you. How can he have fun if everyone is hiding?” Men moved in front of their wives and children, a vain attempt to protect them. Another dark chuckle escaped from the man. I narrowed my eyes, he was having fun.

“You know Amani, when I forced Ladon to change in front of you. I thought that would scare you off. Instead, you become closer to the dragons than before. You betrayed your village.”

“If it wasn't for Ryuu and Ladon, they would all be dead!”

Another laugh, “They will be dead now. Your precious dragons are busy with Rat. I have you all to myself. I think I will start with burning this building down.” Fire erupted from his hands, shooting around the building, faster than the eyes could follow. No one could escape, he was blocking the only entrance.

“I think you are forgetting someone, Sigurd.” I giant purple dragon stood above us. Her eyes caught the light of the fire. Sigurd backed up.

“It doesn't matter, they will all die in there anyway. Nothing can stop my fire now.” He laughed and walked off, changing back into a dragon as he did so. The purple dragon growled and buried her head in the door.

Faint screams sounded throughout the room. The dragon changed, turning into Tanith. She glanced around the room, appearing calm.

“They will just watch us burn. They have no souls.” Tanith faced the speaker, eyes alight with anger. Her hands shot out and the man to a panicked step back, almost falling into the flames. Blue light shot out of her hands, covering the fire up.

“Stupid dragon seems to forget he isn't the only one who has a fancy power. Mine just happens to be water. Hey Amani,” Tanith called, grabbing my attention. “Is anyone hurt?”

“No, but I don't think this place is safe anymore. I don't know what to do though.”

“We will put them in the town center. That way it will at least be a little bit easier to protect them. There is only one problem. We are out numbered.”

“How? I thought it was just Sigurd and Rat?”

Tanith shook her head sadly, “Most of the elders appear to have been on his side. They are tired of the way humans treat them. Not all of the elders are here, but I am worried about what the other ones are doing.” She growled and slammed her fist into the side of the wood, causing a dent. “We are supposed to be protectors of this area. Look how well we are doing!”

“You are fighting back, that is all we can do. Where are Peter and the others?”

“They are in the village, that is why it took so long. They demanded to come and help. I have the little girl hidden in a safe hollow, she will not be found.”

“We want to help fight,” one of the men called. Tanith shook her head.

“I can't allow that. It would be useless. There is only one spot where a human can kill a dragon, or even wound them. And I am not about to tell you that.”

“Such a smart girl, too bad you are going to die.” Rat stood behind Tanith, a pure black dragon, eyes the same cold color. She didn't have time to react. Rat threw her across the room. She slammed against the wall with a cry before slumping to the ground.

“Now for some human meat.” Rat leaned into the doorway, opening his mouth wide. Without looking, I grabbed a weapon leaning against the wall. Realizing it was a sword, I swung it. It cut him across the nose.

He pulled back with a roar. I stepped out of the room, letting the light wash over me. After the pain dulled down, his eyes were trained on me. I held up the sword, letting him know I wasn't afraid.

“You know how to kill a dragon don't you? Too bad pretty little girls like you don't know how to use swords.” I hid a smile. Instead, I pretended to be scared.

“It can't be that hard, right? All I have to do is swing.” Rat laughed.

“Yep. Here, I will even let you take a free shot.” He showed off his back. I rolled my eyes. What a stupid move. My mind went through Peter's lessons. I grabbed the sword with both hands and thrust it downwards, letting the sword sink into soft flesh hidden under the scales.

Rat roared with pain. “You stupid human! How dare you?” He went to attack me. Just before his teeth met my skin, he froze. I watched in amazement as his body fossilized before crumbling into dust. The humans behind me watched in fascination.

A hand mat my shoulder. I looked up quickly, lifting the sword up, just in case. It was the Council elder. His gaze drifted to where the ashes of Rat rested.

“Where is that sore spot at?” I bit my lip and glanced at Tanith. What if they tried to hurt one of the good guys? Maybe not now, but what about later? It would be my fault. My eyes lifted to the sky. Blasts of fire danced in the sky. They could die if we didn't help.

“The last spike. There is a scale under that which is opened slightly. If you hit that, they will die.” The men that were listening hurried to grab weapons. Bows were gathered from nearby. I glanced around in horror. What had I done?

“Relax child. We will discuss the dragons later. For now, We must defend our lives and our loved ones. Much like you were doing before.” I nodded and lifted up the sword. With a faint goodbye, I hurried to the town center. All of the women and children were huddled in the center, like a herd of sheep.

I glanced at the sky, green light could be seen. I whistled loudly. “Ladon, come down here!”

The End

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