Chapter 24

“Tanith! Take Jasmine down the hill. Some of Amani's friends are walking this way. Meet us at the village when you are done.”

I glanced at Ryuu, “Shouldn't we take them with us? Won't the villagers need someone to fight?”

He glanced at me, “Your villagers cannot take on two dragons. I am not sure if we can take on these two dragons.” He bowed his head and looked at me, “but we will try.”

“Thank you,” I whispered. He nodded and grabbed a saddle out of the castle. It looked like a horse saddle, except it was much too big. Ladon turned into a dragon and waited patiently as Ryuu strapped the saddle on.

“You will ride on him. I know you don't like flying but the dragons will target you. This is the easiest way to take care of you. I nodded and let him help me onto Ladon's back. I grabbed the closest scale and closed my eyes as he went upwards.

“Hold on tight, we are going to go much faster than usual.” He angled his wings and headed towards the village. I looked up and noticed a streak of silver, accompanied by a streak of black. They circled over the village.

“Silver? Wait isn't that the elder dragon I met?”

“Yes, his name is Sigurd. He is the human from your memories.” Despite the situation, I shivered in disgust.

“He must be old.”

“Ladon chuckled,” A dragon's lifespan is slower than a humans. We age about a tenth of humans.” I shook my head.

“So you aged like a normal human until you changed?” He nodded and twisted, moving against the winds.

“I have a question for you. Have you ever attacked something before?”

I frowned, trying to remember. “No, but Peter taught me how to use a sword.”

“Do you think you could kill one of the dragons if you had to?”

I remembered how I would cry whenever I watched my dad kill an animal for food. Mirabella would have to skin them with mother because I couldn't stand the sight. I don't think I can do it. An image of my sister lying in the dirt caused me to grit my teeth. “I can kill them, if it comes down to it.” He nodded and we made our way in silence.

Ryuu was a little ways ahead of us, watching the area. He flew back closer to us. “They haven't attacked the village yet, but if they sense us, they will. I will try and block us for a bit, but I don't know how long it will last.”

I bit my lip, “How good is a dragon's sight?” He looked at me, guessing my thoughts.

“You will be noticed, your hair stands out too much. He might not have noticed anyone else, but...” He trailed off. I knew what he meant though. No one else in the village had white hair. I looked at the riverbank, getting an idea.

“Drop me off near the river. I have an idea. Let me get everyone to our safe house, then you can charge in.”

Ryuu nodded, pleased with my idea, “Call us when everyone is safe. We will hear you.” I nodded and jumped off of Ladon, who had lowered himself to the forest edge. I landed with a soft thump and ran towards the river.

Grabbing handfuls of mud, I rubbed them in my hair. The white stayed hidden and I ran to the town. On the edge of town, I slowed to a walk, matching myself to everyone else. One of the men looked at me, his eyes widened. I quickly gestured for him to be silent, pulling him close.

“I will explain in a moment. Right now, we need to get everyone in the safehouse. Don't make a fuss about it, act normal. He nodded and walked off, struggling to stay calm. I weaved through the crowds, keeping my head down to blend in.

I made it to the council house. Without knocking, I burst in.

“What is the meaning of this. I-.”

“I apologize for the rude entrance, but it is an emergency,” I paused. I only had one chance at this. “My name is Amani. I have come to warn of a dragon attack. There is two above the town now. They are planning to attack soon. I would like everyone to hide in the safe house. But we cannot warn them of our knowledge, or they will attack sooner.”

“And who told you this?” I looked the council member who was speaking right in the eye.

“I saw it for myself. They are the two that have been killing the nearby people.”

The elder looked at me, “Is there anything else we need to know?”

I hesitated, “Two other dragons wait on the edge of the forest. They plan to attack the other dragons after everyone is in the safe house. I am to alert them when it is done.” He nodded and stood up.

“Then I suggest we move everyone into the safe house, as quickly and quietly as possible.” The other council members appeared stunned.

“But sir, she is allied with the dra-”

“I know perfectly well whom she is allied with. You may stay up here if you wish, if you don't believe her.” The council member paled and stood up. With one fluid movement, they walked out of the building. I followed. The man that I had met on the edge of the village was waiting outside.

“I told everyone. They are all down if the safe house. All that is left is us. I checked to make sure as well. All we are missing is Peter, Stryker, Billy, Markus, and Jasmine.” He glanced at me when he said the last name. The Council elder turned to me.

“Should they be safe?”

I nodded, “They are on the side of the hill, they shouldn't be caught in this. Jasmine is with them. I think they can protect her.” He showed no sign that he had heard, except walking in the direction of the safe house. I walked in last, preparing to close the door.

“Ryuu! Ladon! We are ready,” I yelled to the sky. A burst of fire shot off in the sky, showing the other dragons had heard as well. I quickly closed the door and locked it.

“What now,” I heard someone whisper.

“We wait of course,” I muttered back, facing the door above us.

The End

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