Chapter 20

Ryuu looked around. Ladon was nowhere to be seen. Where had they hidden him? He brushed past a little girl. She stopped and tilted her head to the side, examining him.

“You are a dragon too? Aren't you? Like that green one.” His eyes narrowed on the blond before him. So Amani did tell, well she would pay for it. He scooped up the girl, carrying her to the center of town. Some one screamed from behind him, but he didn't care. Anger had taken over every sense. They would pay dearly for hurting Ladon, Amani more than the others.

“My baby, he has my baby! Please someone help her!” He watched the last house on the street open up. It was Amani. She weaved through the crowd, hurrying to the center. Good, he wanted her to come. Watch what she had done.

Amani's POV

I watched The boy with red and black hair as he scanned the crowd. Something about him seemed so familiar. I just couldn't place it. His eyes locked with mine and I gasped. It was Ryuu. What was he doing?

“Good. Now that I have everyone's attention, where is the dragon?” I could see the confusion on the faces of everyone. They whispered quietly to one another. Finally, one of the men decided to speak up.

“Haven't you heard? The dragon vanished. He escaped last night.”

Ryuu glared at the man, “You are lying he is still here. I can feel him! What did you do with him?” His eyes turned dark. Light slowly covered his body. I ran through the crowd, trying to stop him.

Gasps rang out through the town center. I guess I wasn't fast enough. Ryuu roared, startling everyone to take a few steps back. All except Jasmine's mother, who stood in front of the dragon bravely.

“Ryuu! Stop it!” I moved to stand in front of the angry creature. He looked at me before speaking.

“Where is Ladon? What did they do to him?”

“They are telling the truth. He escaped last night.” His eyes turned dark again.

“This is your fault. If you hadn't told them about us, he would be fine. It is because of you is was taken!” My hands started to shake in anger. How dare he?

“In case you didn't notice, Ryuu, they didn't have any idea that dragons could change. I didn't tell them anything. You are the one that gave the secret away. So don't go and blame me for this,” I kept my voice calm, trying not to yell.

Ryuu didn't pay attention to what I said. He moved closer to me, I could fell his breath graze my cheek.

“If you do not tell me where he is, you will pay.” His mouth opened wide, teeth coming closer to me. A rush of blond moved between us, Jasmine's mother cried out her name.

“I know where he is. Please don't hurt Amani. He is fine mister, I promise.” She watched the dragon with big, round eyes. I glanced at Ryuu, he was much calmer now. The threat now was from behind me. They knew that I had lied.

Whispers started throughout the crowd. Jasmine and Ryuu ignored them all, staring each other down. Ryuu sighed and backed away.

“You know where my friend has gone?” I could feel the hurt in his voice. I flinched as guilt poured through me.

Jasmine shook her head, “Nope. But Amani does. She has been taking care of him. She promised she would.” Ryuu glanced over to me, much calmer now than before. The crowds whispers had turned angry. He asked me to show him. I turned to walk through the crowd. One of the village men blocked my path, sword at the ready.

“You are not going anywhere girl. The elders were right. You are a witch.” My head bent slightly, the way I was taught to speak to a man.

“I am no witch. I am just a girl who does not think dragons deserve to be killed for something they did not do.” I tilted my head up to look him in the eye, daring him to refuse me. Ryuu took a step closer, making the man scurry away.

Whispers followed after us. Someone grabbed my hand and I looked down. Jasmine stood beside me, mouth pressed in a thin line. She looked back at the crowd once, nervous about their stares, but she didn't slow down. I gave her a reassuring smile and walked back to my house. Ryuu followed silently behind. I could see a flash of light.

“Maybe this will make things easier.” I turned to see him back as a human, He stumbled a few times before remembering how to work the human body. I hesitated when I made it to the door. How much had my parents heard? Would they be punished by the village? With a sigh, I opened the door. Mom greeted me.

“Hello dear, who is this?” She gestured behind me. I gave her a smile.

“This is a friend of mine. I kind of, let his friend stay here.” Mother pursed her lips.

“Next time tell me please. That isn't acceptable. Go ahead upstairs and get your friend.” I nodded and started to walk upstairs. Halfway up, I turned to look at her and father, who was sitting at the table.

“I love you both.”

“We love you too, dear. Now go and play.” I walked upstairs the rest of the way. Jasmine ran to my door and opened it up wide. Ladon was halfway out of the window. He looked at me, then to Jasmine. Finally, his gaze landed on Ryuu.


“Glad to know how much you trust me. I told you I wouldn't let anyone know you were up here.” Ladon gave me a sheepish smile. I rolled my eyes. A crash was heard from downstairs. I strained to listen to the voices.

“You daughter has been hiding a dragon in your house, and she has held priceless information about the dragons, we have come to take her with us.” I paled. This wasn't good. I turned to look back at Ladon, but he was gone.

Ryuu shoved me towards the window, with my back touching the wall, he gave me another rough shove and I fell through. Before I could scream, I hit a body.

“He could be a little more gentle,” Ladon muttered. I glanced down at the green dragon I was sitting on before looking back up. Ryuu jumped through the window with Jasmine in his arms. A bright flash surrounded him. When the light vanished, A giant red dragon stood where he had been. Jasmine rested safely in his claws.

The door above me burst open. I gasped as three men stood inside my room, watching us as we flew away.

The End

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