Chapter 18

“Fine! You win! We admit defeat. Just let go of the flowers and allow us to back away slowly.” I laughed at Peter.

“Are you sure? They are so pretty. Maybe I should braid one in your hair.” His eyes widened and he took another step back.

“You play dirty. We already said you have won. Now let us go, sweet free.” I sighed and dropped the pale pink flowers. They landed with a soft rustle on the ground. Peter sighed in relief and let his arms fall.

I turned around to face my team, “Coins for all!” They cheered and rushed towards the small box full of coins. Except for one. The brown haired boy. He watched the other gypsies with amusement, golden eyes dancing.

Billy tapped my shoulder. I reluctantly turned around to face him. “We 'ave extra coins. Gonna give 'em to the losers?” I nodded.

“I always do.” After everyone had picked out their coin, I grabbed the box and handed it to Peter. He rolled his eyes when he grabbed it.

“You would make a bad pirate.” I stuck out my tongue. Hearing a dark chuckle, I turned around to face the dark haired boy again.

“That was a very interesting war. I found much amusement in watching.” I smiled and slightly turned up to face Ladon, who was peering out of the window. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched the boy stiffen and start to glance up. Ladon quickly hid. Seeing nothing unusual, the boy shrugged and shook his eyes. He turned to me and I could feel hate in his eyes.

Started, I took a step back. What could I have done to make him hate me? Peter's hand landed on my shoulder and I could faintly hear him ask if I was all right. I ignored him and turned to face the boy fully, irritation showing clearly in my stance.He appeared startled before showing off a smirk. I walked calmly over to the boy.

“May I ask what I have done to make you angry with me,” I asked politely, Mother's chiding voice ringing in my ears. She always said no matter how irritated someone makes you, stay as polite as possible.

“Something about you just makes me mad. Maybe because you are so ugly, and strange.” My fist clenched at my side and, without thinking, I shot it forwards. I heard a cry of pain and the boy glared at me.

“How dare you,” He roared. A smug smile rested on my face, all thoughts of being polite dissolved. He raised his arm to fight back but a body blocked mine. I attempted to name the body,but nothing seemed to be familiar. His hair was a dark black with thin red streaks running through it.

“I do not know who taught you manners, but you should never, ever, hit a lady. No matter what they have done.” The strange boy spoke in a deathly calm voice. The back of my neck prickled at it. The brown haired boy seemed to feel the same way, he backed off, shooting a last glare in my direction.

Billy ran up to me, “You alright? I shoulda known. My 'rents picked 'im up a ways back. I don' like the feelin' he gives off though. Something dark. He goes by the name of Rat though. I know that.” I turned to Billy and gave a small smile, assuring him I was fine. He ran off to find Rat and warn his parents.

After Billy left, the boy in front of me turned around. His black eyes staring through me. Without a word, he turned around and walked off. I watched him walk off in the direction of the forest. After he vanished, I walked upstairs to my room.

“Are you alright? Why would you punch him? You are lucky that boy saved you before he hurt you. Amani, Listen to me!” I glanced up at Ladon. He was watching me with a mixture of anger and worry.

I bit my lip and looked down, like a toddler after breaking something important. “I don't know, he just made me so angry. There is something off about him. He isn't who he pretends to be.” Ladon looked at me and sighed, acting more like his dragon form than the human one I had come to know.

“You cannot just go and punch people, it isn't allowed.”

Trying to avoid the lecture I spoke up, “How are your wounds? I haven't checked on them today.” He pulled down the collar of his shirt, showing a pale pink scar across his neck.

“The scars will vanish in a day or two. I am healed now, thanks to you.”

I looked out the window, noting the healer's house in the distance. “He hasn't told anyone yet,” I noted quietly.

“No he hasn't, maybe I was wrong.”

I took in his serious expression with a smile, “Shocker, that was.” He glared playfully at me. I felt my shoulders become pinned to the floor. Ladon stood over me with a mysterious smile.

“Keep that up, and you might be kidnapped by an escaping dragon.” I stuck out my tongue and glared at him before standing up. He had slid off of me and was staring out to the hill in the distance.

“You should go soon. I can tell you miss them. They must miss you too.” He didn't reply but I knew that he had heard.

The End

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