Chapter 14

Nothing eventful happened the rest of the trip. At night, Peter and Markus would take turns guarding Ladon. Neither of them would talk around the dragon, afraid of letting something slip. A strange atmoshpere sorrounded us. They were happy a dragon was finally caught, but scared of the dragon as well. I wasn't sure what I was feeling.

The dragon seemed barely awake. I was sure the only reason he even stayed awake was because of desperation to know what was happening.

On the edge of the village, we paused.
"This is your fate, dragon." Markus narrowed his eyes at the creature in victory. Ladon opened one eye and glanced at the village. Defeat shone clearly in his eyes.

"Markus! Peter! Where have you two been? Your mother has been worried sick about you. And who is that with-" Peter's father stopped when he noticed me.

"We went to save Amani. I also need to speak to the council members. It's about the dragons." With another glance at me, their father hurried to the village center. I heard a bell ring, calling out all of the council members. Other people started to walk out as well, curious as to why they were called.

No one seemed angry that I was alive. I recevied guilty smiles and hugs from some of the older women.

"Why have we been called?"

Markus stepped forewards, bringing me with him. "I have called you. Peter and I have saved Amani from the dragons."

"Is that all?"

"No, we have also managed to capture a dragon." Shocked gasps came from all around. People stepped farther away from our small group. Peter and Markus dragged the dragon out.

"How did you manage such a feat?"
Markus shrugged, "it was easier than it seems. He was distracted so I cut his throat, just like I was taught to do with animals." I felt sick. They talked about dragons like they were nothing but food for the village. Even the animals we killed for food were treated better. Did I really miss all of this before?

The council and Markus talked for a while longer. I tried to listen, but my attention was on my house. The red arrow still rested in our roof.

"Ah, that is right. You do not know what that arrow means, do you? Why don't you visit them and see?" I glanced at the council leader. He waved towards the house. I nodded and walked over, trying to stop my thoughts.

I opened the door, no one was in the first room. I walked through our kitchen and to the upstairs rooms. No one was in any of them. Maybe something happened? On impulse, I ran to the backyard. My mother was handing water to my father, who was working on one of our fields.

"I wonder why the council was called. I hope it isn't another death."

"I don't think this village could take another death, Tommy was bad enough." My mother turned around to get more water. When she noticed me, the bucket slipped out of her hands.

"Oh my. Dear, please come here." She never took her eyes off or me. My father turned to look and stopped what he was doing as well. Suddenly, I felt nervous. What if they still didn't want me back? Maybe the red arrow means they wish even more harm on me.

My thoughts were ceased when I was pulled into a hug. My mother wrapped her arms tightly around me. Father came over as well, envoloping me into his own hug. Tears shone in both of their eyes.

"We have been so worried. We were wrong to think that you could ever do such a thing to your sister. How did you make it back here?"

"Markus and Peter saved me. I am glad you believe me now though. I wasn't sure if you would." We talked for a few minutes more before Markus knocked on the door. Father opened it up. His eyes went straight to mine even though he was talking to my parents.

"The council decided that since Amani knows the most about the dragon, she will help stand guard of our prisoner tonight." I had already told my parents about the dragon. They seemed surprised that Markus had captured it so easily.

"She will not! That is too dangerous for her."
I took a step forewards, "Father, it's fine. He is right. I know more about the dragons than anyone else here, though I am not sure how much help that will be." They reluctantly agreed and let me leave with Markus. He explained that the dragon was being held in the barn at the moment, it was the only place it could fit.

It was only midday, instead of gaurding the dragon I was to answer questions. They only had one for me, what was the dragons secrets.

I sighed, glancing at the green dragon. The men seemed to notice this because they told me no harm would come from the dragons.

"This one is about to die anyway, after we get all we need from it." Feeling sick, I glanced at the man and nodded.

"I don't know to much about them, I don't know if any of it will help." Ladon looked at me, sadness in his eyes. "Well for one, they can talk. They tend to live together, not solitary creatures like we had thought." With every word, I could sense the blue eyes on me growing more upset. "It seems they can communicate silently as well. Oh, and one of their biggest secrets. One spot on their body is weak, if you puncture that part they will die."

"Is it the same for every dragon?"

I nodded, "Yes. I am not sure where it is exactly. It is somewhere on their stomachs though." The men nodded and left. I sat beside the green dragon.

"I guess I have something to tell you. After all, I said I would." He didn't speak, just watched me with cold eyes. " I ended up trusting and becoming friends with those monsters I said I wouldn't." He tilted his head.

"But you told them about us."

"I told them things that would not help. And I lied about the spot. It's below the smallest spike on your back. I noticed it when I was on Ryuu. Now, will you be alright?"

He closed his eyes, "I have about a day. After that I am not sure." I nodded. Hearing footsteps, I quickly stood up and away from Ladon.

Markus walked through the door, "they told me we were to gaurd until midnight. Then someone else will switch with us." We sat near the exits, just in case something happened. I could see Markus trying not to doze off.

I was tired as well, but I didn't want to fall asleep just yet. We hadthree more hours until the change, I needed to stay awake just a little longer.

The End

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