Chapter 13

"What exactly happened to Ladon?" Ryuu glanced at the white elder dragon. They were flying towards the spot Ladon died.

"A male human snuck into our castle. He somehow managed to cut Ladon's throat and drag him outside. When the rest of us arrived, the human was gone. We all searched, but no sign of him was found. We went back to bury his body to find it gone." Rage consumed Ryuu yet again. If the human did tell, she would be murdered. Tanith had tried to stop him from leaving, but it did no good. Why did that dragon have so much faith in the puny human? To be fair, he did before as well, but why else would the male human attack unless told the secret? Maybe Sigurd was right after all, humans cannot be trusted to know about dragons. It lead to a dangerous war.

Ryuu growled lightly, he had failed as a prince, he had failed as a warrior. A dragon had died, he could have prevented it had he not been so blindingly trusting of the girl. No more would he take in a human, he would become the dragon humans feared, if that's what it took. They would all die for Ladon's death.


A rustle from behind the camp startled Peter. He dropped the fur we had been rolling up and turned around, knife in hand. Markus appeared from behind a tree, clothes covered in dirt and blood.

"Where have you been? Amani and I have been looking for you! We were just about to leave."

"Follow me, I need to show both of you something." I glanced at Peter, he looked at me as well. Confusion showed in his eyes, as did it in mine. With a silent agreement, we walked towards Markus.

"Try and be as quiet as possible. He is not completly dead yet and I am not sure how much strength he has left." A dark premonition settled into my bones. What did Markus plan to show us? Not completly dead, did he try to kill someone? Or did-

I gasped, a dragon. He had a dragon. Which one could it be though? Maybe Ryuu, or Tanith.

They came to the clearing and she looked at the poor creature before her. What had once been a graceful green dragon, now was a half dead lump. Blood covered its scales, turning them into a dull copper. I took a step back, feeling dizzy.

"I am going to take it back to the village. It might help us to learn their secrets."

"How are we going to carry it back?"

"I already made a platform to carry it on. Since the village is dowhill from here, it should be no problem." The green dragon opened one eye and watched me. I took another step back. How could they talk about him in such a cold manner?

Because they don't know better.

Sliding down to my knees I glanced at the ground.

"Amani! Are you ok? Come on, let's get you away from this monster. I am sure you had enough of them to last a lifetime." Peter pulled me away, back to the camp. We finished packing everything before heading down the mountain. It was a quiet trek, only the dragon sliding down the hill made any noise.

As we were walking, thoughts of the dragons kept crossing through my mind. What would the other dragons do when they realized this dragon was gone? Would its death be blamed on me? I glanced at the dragon again, shallow breaths caused the body to move. Guilt quickly took over. The pain must be horrible, such a cruel way to die. The village thinks of them as heartless creatures, I could tell them the truth. But would they believe me?


Of course not, who would believe such a thing? I could always tell them about their secret, but that would cause panic. Who knows what the village would do then. The best thing for now would be to keep quiet and act like everyone else.

A low growl caused all of us to jump. The dragon was looking at me. Peter quickly stepped in front of it, blocking the dragon's sight.

"Leave her alone! Hasn't she suffered enough?" The dragons eyes held what seemed to be guilt. He stopped growling and turned his head. Peter seemed not to notice.

"Good thing that beast knows who's boss. It's time for a change." Markus agreed with a nod of his head. I bit my lip, had I acted like this before? No I had been scared, but really, isn't it just as bad? I was scared of something because of legends, the village hated them for the same reason.

Besides, at least one of them has to be bad, he has been killing humans. The other dragons were trying to stop it, including the green one before me. Now who knows what will happen?

"Has anyone else died since I have been gone?"

Peter glanced up sadly, "yes, most of them you were quite familiar with. I am thinking it is someone trying to get you in trouble." I nodded, that made sense. Why would a dragon want to blame me though? I almost asked the question out loud, but I managed to stop myself. They didn't know what I knew, and I wasn't going to tell them unless there was no other choice.

The End

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