Chapter 12

He turned to face me, his legendary smirk set on his face. I could feel my lips pull into a smile as I hugged him.

"Peter, I have missed you. I thought you were mad at me though." He scratched his neck.

"I was angry, just not at you. I was horrified that they accused you, but I could see why. I wanted to blame Bells death on someone and since everyone else was blaming you, I just..." I hugged him again.

"It's ok. I am just glad you came for me. I missed you so much. You are my Petey." His face was hidden in my hair.

"I am glad you are still alive after staying with those horrible beasts." I heard a rustle and we pulled apart. Markus appeared out of the forest holding firewood.

"We should be far enough away they cannot find us here." I blinked, even Markus was helping?

"Oh, I had a question. What do red arrows mean? I noticed one above my parent's house."

"You will have to see when we get there," Markus kept a blank face. I sighed, that wasn't very helpful. Peter and Markus made a fire and set up a temporary shelter. The sun slid down the last few inces and disappeared behind the mountains.

Despite the situation, I couldn't help but smile. I was with my best friend, away from the dragons, and going home to see my family. Everything was perfect.

"Let us sleep, tomorrow we will head back home. It will take another two days before we arrive." We slipped under the warm fur and stared up at the sky. I let my thoughts wander, Ladon was the green dragon. Is that why he and Tanith were kicked out of their village? Did they find out about him, what about Tanith? Did they think she was one too, or did she get accused of being a witch?

My gaze turned to Peter. I could tell from his breathing he was still awake, thinking about things too. I knew better than to ask him, he didn't like to tell anyone.

Just as I was about to turn my head, he looked at me. With a happy smile, he said goodnight. I smiled back and told him to have good dreams. He fell asleep shortly after. It surprised me that we both fell back into our old patterns so quick, even after the length of time without it. I turned my head to say goodnight to Markus as well, but he wasn't under the fur. Glancing around, I didn't notice anything out of place, and I can't remember hearing him move. Shrugging, I turned back up to face the sky and let sleep come for me.


The Castle was in an uproar. Dragons paced back and forth with grumbles loud enough to shake the floor. Only four dragons were not pacing. Instead, they growled at each other, seemingly unaware of their surrondings.

"What if the girl tells everyone? Do you know the consequences if that happens? She must be killed."

Ryuu watched the aggravated silver dragon with emotionless eyes, "then maybe you should learn to control your temper. If you had not forced Ladon to submit, she wouldn't have known."

The silver dragon sneered, "maybe you should control you subjects. They need to learn not to speak out of turn." Ryuu switched his stance, ready for fight.

"I teach my subjects to speak the truth, no matter whose turn. Ladon was right, the girl should have been warned."

The elder dragon lunged for Ryuu's neck. He dodged and attacked as well. Claws, fire, teeth, and spikes were used against one another. Ryuu was indeed younger, but he had been trained by the best. The old dragon's agility and flexibility were poor. Ryuu attacked those weak points, and avoided the dragon's hungry jaws.
Balthazar and Ladon pulled them apart. Balthazar glared at the silver dragon before pushing him away.

"Attacking the Prince? Do you want to die?"

The dragon spat, "he does not deserve to be called a prince." Ladon narrowed his eyes. Before anyone could stop him, he spoke.

"At least he is kind. When that girl was accused of being a witch, he took her in. You hate all humans just because your wife took her kids and left you. One bad human does not make them all bad. You are treating them like the humans treat us!" The silver dragon thought for a moment.

"Perhaps you are right. But even then, that girl is about to tell her village about us, do you think any of them will spare us?"

Ladon looked pained, "She wont tell."

The elder dragon looked at him, "I think she will. But if you are right and I am just being a pessimistic old dragon, I might have to apologize to you both." With a deep bow he turned and walked off.

Ryuu and Tanith flew back home, neither of them sure what was about to happen. Ladon had stayed back to help guess the path the humans would take.

"We need someone to watch her, make sure. Ladon or I could do it."

Ryuu looked up. Tanith seemed nervous, not willing to look him in the eye. "No, she will not let you two near. She needs someone she does not know." The doors burst open, outside stood Balthazar, looking frantic.

"He's dead. They killed him and took him back to the village. She must have already told." His scales shook in anger.

"Balthazar calm down, who is missing?" Ryuu stood up, already sensing the answer.

"Ladon, they took Ladon." Ryuu bowed his head for his fallen friend before letting out a terrifying roar. Eyes glazed over with anger, he promised he would get revenge for his kin.

The End

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