Chapter 10

My stomach ached. Our feast that had dominated the floor was reduced to a few crumbs and bones. Ladon, Ryuu, and I finished the meal in a half hour. There was deer, rabbit, mango, and oranges, it was the most amazing food ever.

"Why isn't there a smokehouse anywhere? Don't you need it for winter?"

Ryuu picked up a bone from the deer and picked his teeth, "no, even in winter we can find enough food to survive. Preserved meat has no appeal to a dragon." I wrinkled my nose in agreement. The taste of preserved meat had never appealed to me. Surviving three months on it was torture.
Ryuu lifted his head sharply and stared at the door. His eyes narrowed and a growl rose up out of his open jaws. He turned to face Ladon and said two words that sent a chill through me.

"He's here." Ladon nodded and stood up. He helped me up as well. We hurried out through the back doors of the castle.

"What is going on?" Ladon ignored me and shoved me through the doors of our house.

"Here are the rules: no talking unless spoken to, do not look up, obey all orders from Ryuu or the other to dragons, and show respect." My heart sped up at the look in his eyes. Panic and frustration swirled around. Once his words made it through my panicked brain, I bowed my head and kept my eyes on the floor.

"Yes sir, I understand perfectly." He relaxed somewhat before walking out the door. He told me to hurry to the castle, the dragons would be waiting.

Keeping my eyes on the ground, I made my way to the castle. The giant doors were opened wide. Inside, a silver flash crossed in front of my vision. I swallowed from shock. there was another dragon, and this one had scared Ladon.

I walked through the door. My head was still bent but I peeked at the dragon through my lashes.
His scales shone similar to tarnished silver. The skin was wrinkled in some places and full of scars. Authority oozed out of every scale. What scared me most, however, were his eyes. emotionless green eyes scanned over me and it took all I had not to shake.

"Once you are done criticizing the human, may we get back to the main topic? Why did you come to visit?" Ryuu and the other dragons stood rigid on the other side of the room. It was obvious that they disliked the dragon in front of them. The silver dragon seemed not to notice, he gracefully turned around to answer.

"Yes, it was just reported that another has died. It was another dragon. He seems to be bored of the pathetic creatures and is now attacking his own kind." Hate for humans showed itself in every word.

"I thought you told me jot to involve the girl, now you barge in here and let her know? Do you know something that I do not?"

"I do, this girl is being accused of helping the traitorous dragon." I started to lift my head up in protest. The green dragon's firm glance stopped me and I looked down again, biting my lip to avoid protesting. I was again being accused for something I did not do, and this time I didn't even know what exactly was going on.

"Wouldn't she know our secret if that was true? She has not left our territory since she was brought here as a sacrifice. It is not possible that another dragon could have appeared here. What is your base for this accusation? Do you not believe we are capable of caring for such a weak human?" The silver dragon ignored Ryuu's rant and turned to face me instead. I could feel the heat of his breath against my cheek.

"Well, girl, do you know a dragon's most safely guarded secret?" I kept my head down and shook my head know. "Answer me," he bellowed. I glanced at the green dragon. He gave a slight not and I raised my head.

His scarred nose was inches from my face. "Good girl, I see they haven't trained you properly. You are still to rebellious. Do you know what happens to rebellious humans?" I shook my head no. He gave a dark laugh before taking another step.

"Humans who protest become meals." His jaws opened up and came at my neck. Fear paralyzed me, allow I could do was watch as giant teeth came at me. In a way, I had been expecting this from the very beginning.

"Enough," Ryuu growled in a calm voice. No emotion was in his voice and he spoke quietly, but the fury was still felt. The other dragon lulled away from me and gave a slight bow. He apologized for his rampant emotions before walking out of the door.

My knees gave out and I fell to the floor. As I was gasping for breath to fill my lungs, I decided that fear was a useless emotion and should be ripped apart limb by limb.
A nudge from my right caused me go look up. The purple dragon leaned over me, concern in her eyes.

"Are you alright? He didn't hurt you did he?" Still trembling from fear, I shook my head no and tried to stand. She had to help me stand up fully. I looked around, I was being inspected by the green and purple dragons but Ryuu was still glaring at the door. Surprisingly enough, I wasn't scared as much as I should have been. Maybe Ladon and Tanith were right. The dragons seemed much nicer than the myths said they were. That other dragon fit the description perfectly, though.

Speaking of Ladon, where could he be? He never seemed to be around when I was near the dragons. I couldn't figure out why he wouldn't be here. He cares about the dragons too much to just wait in the house.

The End

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