Chapter 5

We finally landed back on the ground. I slid off and fell to a heap on the ground. A chuckle behind me made me turn around to glare at the green dragon. I hesitated when I noticed the other two dragons a little ways behind him. Fear slowly crawled up my spine. I shook it away and concentrated on not showing my fear. This was something I deserved and I wasn’t going to be afraid of it.

Tears blurred my vision as I thought of my sister again. I bit my lip to stop them from spilling over. Every time I thought of her, my chest would feel like it was being crushed. I wondered if it would ever go away, I hope it didn’t. If it no longer hurt that would mean I didn’t care about her anymore.

The dragons decided they would talk with me tomorrow after I woke up. It was late and I looked dead on my feet. I nodded and went to the house. The thoughts of my sister were still swimming around my head as I fell asleep.


"Come on, Ni, you can do it." I turned to glare at Peter. He knew I hated that nickname; it always reminded me of my knees.

"If you get to call me that then I get to make a nickname for you too." I looked up at the sky as I tried to think of a name that would annoy him, "oh, I have it! How about Petey?" I clapped my hands together at the irritated look he gave me.

"You are just stalling. You are to scared I bet"

"Whatever it ain't like you done it. You’re to chicken to break the rules. You’re a goody two shoes." I turned around to look at the fence in front of me. The fence was only four feet high, but it was the building behind the fence that was the real challenge. The building was the town's church. According to the myths, whoever broke into a church had the dragon's curse on them. Their whole town would be destroyed by the mighty beasts. I jumped over the fence and landed on the other side without a second thought. I smiled and hollered in happiness. The ultimate test to prove I was as good as a boy, and I passed. Peter had a stunned expression on his face. He ran his right hand through his hair so it became ruffled. I knew from experience it would stay that way for at least two hours.

Sometimes I would try to explain the way it looked to my sister. The way I thought it was amusing he always used his right hand even though he was left handed. She would just give me one of her knowing smiles and tell me I was in love. She always knew about those things better than I. Bella always pointed out people on the street that were to be married. I would listen and try to figure out how she knew, she was never wrong. This time though, I had a feeling she was wrong. I loved Peter, he was my best friend, but I don't think I liked him the same way she thought I did. I would much rather shove his face into a pile of mud than kiss him.

My mother always said that I was beautiful in my own way but I could never see it. I was the ugly, unnoticed, sister. Mirabella was the beautiful one. She was clean, graceful, and always wore pretty clothes. I was always taking baths but always managed to get dirty right afterwards. I was lucky if the air didn't trip me and I never wore pretty clothes unless important people came over for dinner.

I hopped back over the fence and Peter grabbed my hand to help me out. As soon as my feet touched the ground again, we both pulled away. We couldn't be nice to each other; we were in the middle of the war. It was the gypsies and me versus Peter and the village boys. Whenever the gypsies visited the town, they were on my side. We had similar fighting styles; attack, run to gather more supplies, and wait for the enemy to come looking. I grabbed a handful of mud and threw it at Peter’s chest.

"Die ye evil dragon. Never again shall you kill an innocent victim." I howled with laughter as Peter died a very dramatic death with a wink thrown in for me.

After the war (which I, of course, had won), Peter and I headed to his house. We were arm in arm. I managed to make him skip with me to by reminding him he had lost the last three fights. I was a trained dragon hunter, if I ever faced the real thing I could do it easily.


I shot up out of bed gasping. Slowly, the memory came flooding back to me. That was five years ago when I passed the test to prove I was as good as a boy. Peter always-made fun of me and told me I could never do anything as good as he could.

When my mom found out what I did, she went off. Peter and I were yelled at for about a week before they decided we had enough. Shortly after they stopped yelling at us, we snuck into another building. From then on, our parents rarely let us out of their sight. I smiled as I thought of that day. Suddenly, tears started falling and I was sobbing. I pulled my knees up closer to me and rested my head on my knees.

A noise came from beside me and I remembered Tanith and Ladon were in the rooms nearby. I tried to stop crying but it only became worse. The bed sunk in two different spots and two forms were sitting beside me. I heard a quiet murmuring from my left. Tanith had her arms around me and she was trying to calm me down. Ladon was on the other side looking uncomfortable but he rubbed my back comfortably.

I finally finished crying and suddenly felt exhausted. I could never understand how crying made someone so tired but I was close to falling asleep sitting up. Tanith grabbed an extra pillow and lay down next to me. Ladon took the extra bed. I whispered good night before I fell back into the darkness.

The End

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