Chapter 4

Ladon and Tanith ignored me all the next day. I felt slightly lonely, but I was happy at the same time. I couldn't befriend friends of the monsters. I was given simple chores to do, like cleaning the house. I think the dragons were trying to keep me away from them. I also had to wash the dress I was wearing yesterday because it somehow got dirty. Maybe I was sleepwalking.

Ladon came in and asked if I knew where the extra sheets were. He didn't look at me while he was saying it and I knew he was angry. I felt bad so I decided to apologize.

"They are in the closet. Look Ladon, I am sorry about the way I acted. I am just trying to get used to all of this. I probably will like them too once I get to know them. I grew up hearing stories about the evil dragons-"

"Your villagers said these dragons were murderers?" He was finally looking at me and I could see the anger in his eyes. I flinched slightly and looked down.

"Well no, but-"

"Then why did you call her that?" I went to grab the sheets to stall. I didn't want to tell him that they killed my sister. I didn't want to explain why I was brought up here. "Well?" he had his hands clenched at his sides. I looked up again at his eyes and looked at the anger swirling inside them. His eyes were basically glowing with hatred for me. Could he really care about the dragons that much?

"I called her a murderer because her, or one of the other two, killed my sister. The day I was brought here she was found with claw marks all across her body. She wasn't even eaten, just killed for fun. Before you say anything, I we knew it was a dragon. Nothing else has claws that big." I shoved the sheets at him and hurried out the door. I refused to cry anymore. I will not cry again, not in front of strangers.

I slipped off my shoes and ran. I didn't run in any direction, I just wanted the comforting burn in my legs, the gasping breaths that helped me think. I would always run into the forest when I was upset, I could always look at a situation in a different light. I was hoping I could do so now.

I really needed to calm down as well. The way I talked and acted to Ladon was not how a girl should behave. My mother always reminded me of this fact. I never understood why women could not work with the men; we were restrained to household chores. I knew for a fact I could do most of the things the boys did as good as them, if not better in some places.

I stopped running as a realization hit me. I was a witch; no other girl could do what the boys could. They never had any want to either. I always wanted to join the boys rather than help Mom cook and clean. Mirabella would help her even though it was my job since I was the oldest. I would run off after Peter and help him when no one was looking. I hung out with a boy that was not to be my husband. These were not against the rules but they were extremely frowned upon, and very unusual.

I was trembling from my thoughts. If I had known I was a witch I would have never sent dragons after my sister. I felt a shadow above me and looked up. One of the dragons was standing behind me. It was the green one, with the blue eyes. He looked at me and sat down on the grass.

"Is something the matter? You are crying and shaking." I wiped my eyes and realized he was right. I didn't even notice that I was crying. I wiped off the tears and tried to stop my body from shaking.

"I am fine." I was still scared of the giant creature in front of me, but I was also awed and curious. Besides, I deserved this so I shouldn't try to escape it.

"You do not look fine to me. Then again, human expressions are all the same to me. You could be at your happiest right now and I couldn't tell the difference."

"Dragons look the same with their expressions too don't they?"

"Yes, but you can look into their eyes and tell how they feel. Humans like to hide those feelings." I looked at his blue eyes again and tried to decipher how he was feeling. I heard a giant growl and gave out a small laugh.

"I am thinking that means you are hungry?" He nodded and I felt a small amount of dread enter me. Before I could say anything else he flew up to the giant orange tree that was near us. When the dragon came back he had ten oranges in his mouth. He opened up and let them all tumble onto the ground. He pushed one to me and grabbed all of the others.

I slowly peeled the orange skins and bit into it. It was the sweetest and juiciest orange I had ever tasted. I wonder what they give to the plant so it grows so well. Maybe it is just some sort of dragon magic. I would have to ask Ladon later, after he forgave me.

"It is getting dark; we should go back before your friends start to miss you." I looked up at the dragon. He had eaten every bit of all the oranges, even the skin. Now all that was left was a little piece at the corner of his mouth.

He came closer to me so we were almost touching, "Is something the matter?" I took a step back and nodded. He seemed irritated for a moment before I moved closer to his mouth and pulled the orange skin away. He looked at it and chuckled.

"Why don't you get on? It will be faster that way." I widened my eyes as I realized what he was talking about.

"No thank you. Besides I like walking. It is good for the soul."

"Trust me, this is better." He picked my up with his teeth and swung me onto his back. I grabbed him and hard as I could and closed my eyes.

"Prepare to fly little human, Amani."

The End

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