Chapter 3

I am hiding, I know they can find me if they wanted but it was easier to think they couldn't. I was staring up at the grass. It had gone so long without being cut it was taller than me when I was standing up. I was now lying on the ground looking up. It felt as if I was wrapped up in a cocoon of grass. My hair was spread out around me. It caught the light of the sun.
That girl, Tanith, showed me around the house then went to get the Dragons. After she left I ran as far away from the castle as I could. There was no way I was going to meet those evil beasts so soon. I couldn’t face something so evil that it killed my sister. I glared up at the sun as it started to set. I have been here almost a day and I am still alive. Maybe I am some kind of witch, the kind that has no idea her true powers.

I heard a rustling and I tensed up. I don’t know how much trouble I would be in for running off and I was scared to find out. A clearing in the grass opened up to show a small grizzly bear cub. I started to back up when I noticed something around its neck. I stepped closer and noticed a strap of purple leather. I wonder if that means someone owns it. I have heard of people wrapping cloth around an animal’s neck to mark it as theirs. Maybe this is something similar.

“Hey there, are you lost?” I spoke in soothing tones as it came closer. It gave a great whiff and started nudging me. I got up and it started walking towards the sun. I followed closely behind, intrigued by this animal. I started to hear a faint voice. The bear heard it to and started to pick up speed. I lost the bear in the grass but followed the place I had last seen it run to. I kept running until I hit something hard. I stumbled back and fell onto my butt.

“Oh, sorry I didn’t see you there. You must be the one Coda was talking about. My name is Ladon.” I looked up to see a boy with grass green hair. His eyes were a blue like the ocean.

“Nice to meet you Ladon, my name is Amani. Is your hair naturally like that?” I paused, “And who is Coda?”

“Nice name, yes it is, and the bear. Tanith mentioned you as well. You are the new girl she found out by the gate?”

“Thank you, and yeah I am.” He nodded and called the bear. It came back up to me and started to sniff again. I gave a small smile when it head-butted Ladon. He started walking to the castle with me. He noticed me hesitate and paused.

“They aren’t that bad you know? I mean, most dragons are but these three are very nice.”

“There are three?” I could feel my heart race and my eyes widen.

“Yeah, didn’t you meet them earlier?”

“Well no I kinda, ran off.” He laughed and grabbed my hand. With one more assurance that I would be fine he pulled me through the door. I paused and looked around, the place was huge. I guess it had to be so the dragons would fit. It looked big enough for five dragons to walk around and still be plenty of room left. In fact, one was in the middle of the room now. It was a lilac purple with blue green eyes. I paused and started to pull away from Ladon. He gently pulled me closer.

“This is one of the three dragons. She is a real pain and normally likes to be lazy and sleep around,” The dragon narrowed it eyes and snorted, he just laughed. I tried to warn him about how mad it looked but he wouldn’t listen. “And this, my beautiful purpley dragon, is Amani. She is the new human Tanith brought in. She is, and looks like still is, a little nervous to meet you. I am sure with time she will come to like you very much though.”

I finally managed to pull away, “I doubt I could ever like something as evil and cruel as that thing. I don’t make a habit of befriending murderers. When I do though, you will be the first to know. Now I am going to bed, goodnight.” I walked out as fast as I could without looking like I was fleeing. Which is what I was doing, I shouldn’t have spoken out like that. It isn’t a girls place, especially not in front of a dragon, but that boy needed to understand I wasn’t going to befriend something that killed my sister so freely.

I hurried to the house and sat on the bed. I brought my knees up near my chest and stared at the wall. I refused to cry again, it was weak and it made me feel helpless. I couldn’t be helpless if I wanted to get out of here.

I wonder how Ladon could joke around with a dragon. Maybe he is as much of a monster as they are, he could even help them. I shook with fury at the thought. These things deserve to die for what they did to my sister. I heard the door open and I turned away. I wasn’t going to talk to either of them.

They came in and lay down on the beds. Tanith brought me some extra blanket but didn’t try to say anything, neither of them did. Good I didn’t want to talk. I slowly lowered myself onto the bed and closed my eyes. I heard Ladon and Tanith fall asleep quickly but I couldn’t manage it. I kept seeing my sister and Peter. I gave up and settled for staring through a small window until the sun came up. Every creak I heard was a dragon coming to kill me for what I said to the purple dragon.

After about an hour of staring at the window I gave up, there were so many creaks that I was going to die from my heart beating too fast. I grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around me. Making sure I didn’t make a lot of noise, I snuck outside. I noticed an orange glow from the corner of my eye so I turned around. It was my village giving the burial ceremony for my sister.

I walked over to the gate and sat down on the grass. It should be almost over by now. Then my parents will take the ashes from the fire and let them flow into the river. I watched as the fire went out and smaller lights move to the water. I miss it so much and it has only been a day. Maybe, I could escape, the dragons weren’t around and I could easily climb over the fence. Peter taught me when I was little.

“Planning on running?” I jumped and looked at a red dragon. It was directly behind me. I pressed myself to the wall and stared at it.

“You must be Amani, my brother and sister told me about you. My name is Ryuu.” I didn’t move except to push myself more into the bars digging into my back. I heard a sigh from above me.

“Why don’t you sleep now Amani, close your eyes and sleep.” I felt drowsiness overcome me and I closed my eyes.

The End

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