Chapter 2

“Mirabella? Mira, where are you?” My mother had sent me out to find my sister. I can’t believe she just ran off like that! It was our turn to pass out water to the workers. She can’t do any kind of work at all; she will never be a good wife.
I continued calling for here. I checked the village and now I was nearing the forest. She probably wouldn’t be here; everyone was always scared of the forest. Dragons preyed on the animals hidden inside the darkness. I was the only one that walked into the thick forest. I loved the sounds of the birds and never once did I ever see a dragon.
“Darn it Bella, mom wants you!” I walked into the edge of the forest when I smelt it, the thick coppery smell of fresh blood. My first thought was that a rabbit fell prey to another animal, but as I got closer, I recognized my sister’s clothing. As I got closer, I noticed the claw marks across her stomach. I screamed and backed away. Mirabella’s body was covered in large gashes, much too large to be a wolf.
By the time the other villagers arrived, I was on the ground sobbing. I heard the murmurs from the men behind me but I didn’t pay attention. The only word that caught my attention was “dragon”.
“Wait, you think a dragon did this? Dragons haven’t attacked us in centuries, why would they attack now?”
“Someone must have sent them after her. Was anyone mad at her this last week?” Mad at her, who would be mad a Mirabella? No one ever got mad at her. He was perfect with her brown hair, always into a perfect braid, and her golden eyes. I was the only one who was ever mad at her. The blacksmith must have figured this out as well; he sent me a dark look and asked the men for a meeting.
Mother brought me back to the house, she was sobbing on my fathers shoulder. I wanted to cry as well but I could not. I was to numb, this must all be a dream. Perfect, wonderful Mirabella couldn’t be dead; no one would wish harm on her.
The men burst through the door. They grabbed my wrists and dragged me to the cent of the village. I struggled against the men while my mom sobbed in the background.
“What are you doing to her,” Peter ran in front of the village council and demanded they release me. “She just lost her sister, what is so darn important that you have to traumatize her more?”
“She is being accused of the murder of her sister, Mirabella.” I watched Peter’s hazel eyes widen and his eyebrows rise almost to his hairline. His right hand went through his sandy-brown hair, ruffling it slightly. The council leader started the explanation as to why I was the one accused. I pushed his choppy voice out of my head and concentrated on the faces surrounding me. Shock, anger, hatred, what was he saying about me? I was scared to listen but curious at the same time. How could they think I would murder my own sister, am I truly that cruel?
“She must be a witch, look at her! We let her looks slide but she must be a witch!” My looks? I knew that my looks were unusual but me a witch? I looked into the reflection on the water below me feet. My hip-length white hair was covered slightly with blood and dirt. My amethyst eyes were widened and my face was dirty. Was I really so different?
“Her punishment will be death!” I heard the villagers cheer.
“Death,” Peter asked, “She doesn’t deserve death.” I breathed a sigh of relief Peter would save me. “She deserves to be given to the monsters she summoned!”
“Peter what are you saying? You know I would never kill my own sister. Petey!” My voice became hysterical at the end. Peter wouldn’t let them kill me would he? Not my best friend, not Petey. I watched as he turned his back to me. All my self-control crumbled at his simple action. I started to cry and scream. My parents called me a murderer and witch. I fell to the ground, defeated.


I jolted strait up. I tried to stand up by I felt a burning in my wrists, and my scream was muffled by a gag. It was real, no it couldn’t be! I looked around and my memories came flooding back. I started to scream when I felt a hot breath across my face. I turned to see a giant blue dragon hovering over me. Its scales were a pale grass green that caught light every time they moved. I struggled to move away from the beast in front of me. It moved closer and took a deep breath.
“I smell blood, are you wounded?” I felt my heartbeat quicken when it spoke. Demons could talk; I tried to move farther away. It seemed to notice that I wasn’t going to answer because it backed up and called for someone.
“Take her to an extra room; we will deal with her later.” A girl with wavy blonde hair nodded and turned towards me. I noticed her eyes were an ocean green. She smiled and untied me.
“My name is Tanith. Don’t worry I won’t hurt you, I am a human like you.”
“Yes but you work for the dragons.” I was shaking from fear and exhaustion.
Her eyes softened and she gave a small smile, “Yes, but not willingly. They let me live as long as I work for them. You will probably be given the same choice. Now follow me.” She held out her hands and I grabbed them. She led me to a small house beside the castle. I guess this was for the humans they captured.
“This is your home for now, I suggest you get used to it, you might be here a while.”

The End

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