Ways of the Dragon

A normal village girl is accused of sending dragons to kill her sister. She is called a witch and a traitor. They send her to the dragons as a sacrifice. Her life is now in the hands of dragons, what will happen to her?

“Give her to the dragons! Feed her to the monsters she summoned!” I struggled against the arms that held me. They thought I summoned those, those things. They must be crazy; I would never set dragons on my own village. I tried to protest but one of the men hit me. My eyes watered from the pain. The sun was slowly coming up over the hill and the villagers angry faces were illuminated by the early morning light. Most had torches and other weapons against the dragons, and me. The orange lights danced in my eyes, lights leading me to my doom.
I gave up fighting and let the two men drag me. I bowed my head so I wouldn’t face the castle standing proudly on top of the hill. As a kid, I was told stories about dragons. Vicious, bloodthirsty demons sent from the center of the earth to kill and destroy. Many men were sent to kill the dragons, but only a few ever came back, even fewer managed to kill one of these giant beasts. It is said witches can summon dragons to do their bidding. These people, my fellow villagers, think me a witch?
My own parents cast me out of their house and called me a traitor, a boy, whom I had been friends with since birth, had given me a disgusted look and spit in my face. Village women screamed and called me names while scratching at my dress, all because of a single death, the death of my own sister, the sister whom I had yelled at the morning before for spilling all the water. I told her she was useless.
I felt tears well up again, but not from the physical pain. My own sister killed by a dragon, not eaten, just left to become carrion for the birds. The attacks on the village came before my sister was dead as well, but only the animals were killed. This was the first death to come to the village in many centuries. My precious sister. I sank to the ground sobbing.
More hands pulled me up roughly, “No tricks you witch. We will not fall for such simple things.” Tricks? A trick that I feel loss for my sister, do they think me so cruel? I looked up through my tears at the castle looming above us. So close, we were so close to the beast’s castle. I felt terror crawl slowly up my spine.
They took me up the winding, narrow path at the bottom of the hill. I heard cheering from the villagers, cheering for my death. Cheering for my blood being spilled on the earth like my sisters. Cheering for my fear. I stood up tall and continued walking. I will not show any more fear.
The sun had barely moved once we made it to the top of the hill. I gave a brief wish for my sister’s beauty to pass on. Her golden eyes and her long brown hair, her beautiful smile and sweet laugh.
I faced the castle gates and the ground beyond. The early light cast eerie shadows over the grounds. Any of them could be a dragon ready to pounce. My ears were ringing and I could taste copper in my mouth. I started to hum a lullaby my mother would sing to me when I had nightmares.
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray,
You’ll never know dear,
How much I love you,
Please don’t take my sunshine away.
The two men holding me threw me onto the ground. I gasped in surprise before I felt my hands being tied. I looked over and noticed the blacksmith wrapping my hands to a piece of the gate. I was gagged as well. To make sure I didn’t run away, didn’t try to summon the dragons onto them again. When they were done the village men left, cheering that harm will come to them no more, not for many more centuries at least. They blew the torches out and continued down the hill, singing and humming merrily the whole way down. I felt blackness overcome me as I became limp on the ground.

The End

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