Wave CrestMature

A story about a soldier who loses everything only to find herself and the courage not to give up.

Shaking my head from side to side to clear ambiguous fuzziness from my vision, I felt my throbbing jaw and running tongue over teeth, detected at least two that seemed to be chipped. We’d taken the full force of the IUD before careening off the glide path; the vehicle suddenly silent and laying on its side.

Amy lay disheveled beyond repair. Her blond hair matted and bloody, rested on her uniform, which had a desert camouflage pattern; but now was also blotched with crimson. She was motionless with her eyes wide open; staring silently outward.

A sudden squawk of radio traffic informed me that comrades were aware we were missing, having lost contact with us in the melee.  My leg hurt and was pinned somehow to the vehicle side panel. I wasn't able to move much without the top of my head nearly coming off due to the pain; and I wasn't able to reach the radio. “Crap! They were searching. They would find us; or rather me,” I repeated silently to myself. Turning sideways, I made an attempt to quickly locate my best friend; my rifle, which had dislodged from its normal position and was now God only knew where.

"CMD-10 to CV-2...."  "CMD-10 to CV-2..." the voice repeated slowly and deliberately. After a couple of moments of silence came music to my ears: "Miranda, we're on our way to your 20 a.s.a.p.."     

It was a hot day in the desert. "Must be at least 112 degrees," I thought, wincing due to pain running entirely through my leg. The merciless sun was streaming in through the shattered windows making it difficult to distinguish much outside.

Suddenly I heard distant voices yelling what sounded like commands. They were not speaking my language…..

The End

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