My life is a frenzy of events I never have a moment think but that's exactly the way I like it. Most people judge me , I cheat,  I lie and steal. I'm always running, I never stop. People see me in the streets but not properly all they see is a troubled teen but they don't see the adventurous, free person that I really am or well I think so anyway.

I am in St Lucia this time it's beautiful and I love being by the sea, I always have, at night I love to dive in the deep blue ferocious sea and feel the plunge and exhilarated sensation hearing my heart beating slightly faster. I used to train at the pool until I ran away. I was real good even though that sounds really vain I was gonna be in the Olympics as a diver and to do the 500m. This is the only time I can be myself (At night)  know one can know who I am.

The End

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