Chapter 8 - The Boys' Story

Phew. Sorry this chapter took so long, but I'm still getting used to the island thing. I tired building my own on the time I had, but it didn't really work. Maybe it was never meant to be.

So Sharkbait finally caught on to the fact I wasn't writing and locked me in this room without food until I did at least one chapter. So here goes nothing.

After sinking the Britain and losing their one claim to fame, I'm sure the Boys were pretty peeved. But being the heroic characters they are, they swam to another ship. Luckily it wasn't so far off, I hear some of the Boys can't swim. When they arrived, they realised it was their rival pirate gang's ship who were also trying to take the Britain, so you can probably tell they were quite peeved too.

So they captured them and took them to their lair. Naturally, they blindfolded them because the Boys knowing where their hideout is would make things too easy. Sharkbait wasn't too keen on sharing the details of this particular journey or their stay there, although I heard some of the Boys whispering things about some whipped cream. I daren't dive further into what happened.

They managed to escape by knocking out the guard who just so happened to have the key which just so happened to land in the cell. They then took one of the submarines from right under the other pirates' noses and sail it around the Sea for three days before suddenly hitting the landmass known as Escape.

So that's what happened to the Boys. I would go into details, but I'm really hungry, and as long as I write one chapter surely he could spare some food for me? 

Currently the technicians among the Boys, Killifish especially, are working on the submarine they took back. It can dive a lot further down than the Boys' Spinners, and has a lot more fuel and hold capacity. Very useful indeed.

The End

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