Chapter 7 - Rescue

It's important - before you find out about the miraculous thing - that you know a few things. There is another group of pirates, other than the Boys. Actually, they're rivals to the Boys, and are less famous, so I suppose you've probably never heard of them. They are adults, rather than children though, so you'd suppose they'd be better at everything important to pirates; things like firing and killing them all. These pirates have more advanced technology than the Boys, as you would expect; but on the whole firing and killing them all front, they aren't the best.

Onto the miraculous thing. When Redruth had said the words "We're screwed", a crab-like device rose out of the water. It was hissing, powered by hydraulics. There's quite a lot of water to power it. The thing had legs, made of a special alloy of steel I could never remember which didn't rust, but held strong under water. Some of the legs moved underneath the body of the crab, then a ramp opened down onto the sand.

The reason this was miraculous was this particular crab wasn't manned by the men pirates I was expecting. Rather it was manned by another crew of Boys. They had come to get me off this island, after twelve long hard weeks of looking, no doubt.

"Acht, we found ye at last." One said.

"Ya, we were lookin' everywhere for ya." The other replied.

"We spent 'bout three days. We were actually about tae give up." Said a voice from inside the crab. The crab didn't look big enough to hold more than three Boys, so I had assumed that there must have been another crab somewhere. "Well then, in ye get!"

At this I was rather shocked, you can probably tell. I grudgingly got in, thinking of all the possible situations that could arise: we are all stuck in the crab, cramped, until we get back; or the crab is actually roomier than it looks. Wishful thinking.

The sweat! I tell you! I normally write this story as it happens, but the sheer heat would have made the ink runny, so I waited until we got back. Getting back took a ludicrous amount of time, and I think I would have been better walking. Over the sea. No, that island has gone to my head. It seems to make so much sense.

The End

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