Chapter 6 - Escape

"Jolly good show!" The captain boomed, after I had told my story. He always seemed to boom. He was one those people without a volume control. He caught me looking around the island again. "You know, I'm surprised no one thought of it sooner. A place to stand that doesn't move!"

It felt exactly the same in my dream, but obviously a bit more real. It was a bare island, nothing more to its name than a tree. The tree had some sort of strange fruit, definitely not one I had seen on the ships before. It was furry.

The island was called 'Escape', and this name makes sense if you know the story.

The Brits who escaped the Britain being sunk had been slowly piling up sand from one place onto another while the Britain was still afloat - until eventually it became an island in the middle of the ocean. The his stores and resources on this island in case of attack, and planned to go there only in times of great need. This was one of those times.

There were five people in total that escaped. The captain, whom everyone just called 'Captain'; John, who was the map-reader; Charles, the munitions expert; Harry, the 'man with the plan', he was the sole keeper of the plan for what to do, but I always thought it was just a piece of paper; and finally Redruth, he had been called that after the man in 'Treasure Island', although he bore no resemblance to him. As far as I was aware, nobody called Redruth anything else.

These five, plus me, were all stranded on this island. I shan't bore you with details of our treachery, like when we had to fight off Killer Octopus, or when we tried to cook a Suicide Crab, and it turned out it was still alive.

(N.B. The Suicide Crab is the most pointless organism in the Universe. Once brought into existence, it instantly has a desire to kill itself. However, this desire is not great enough for it to actually do so until it reaches its teens, where it finds the nearest sharp rock and drops itself onto it. Sea researchers have discovered that there seems to be a rise in the population of Suicide Crabs. I'll let you think about that one.)

We were on the island for twelve days, until finally Harry had the bright idea of checking the plan. Since he was the only one who could see it, and he told everyone that he hadn't even seen it, it came as a shock to all when we realised it was a blank piece of paper like I suspected.

"Well, we're screwed." Said Redruth. But at the instant he said it, a miraculous thing occurred - 

The End

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