Chapter 5 - Alienation

They say that when you're unconscious, your deepest fears and desires are revealed. I don't which one this was, but I did dream about land. About rocks, and a sturdy place to keep your feet. I must say, it was very sickening. How do you get so used to the non-moving thing? On this land were some trees. I'd heard about trees, but not the kind I had in my dream, ours is the kind that stay underwater. Our ones look like kelp. Not like sturdy things. Everything looks so - solid. Everything didn't move, except for the wind. The wind wasn't normal either, it was warm and refreshing, very unlike our salty ones. I liked the taste of the sea on the wind. In the dream, you could only taste more land How can you live like that? I walked around a bit, it was just like normal walking, except on a surface which didn't rock in time to your steps. You had to place one foot, in front of the other, not apart like on boats. I fell over a few times, until I got used to it. I looked around after learning to walk. There were walls to the left and right of me, and it felt very claustrophobic. Walls of rock, solid as everything else. Towering above me, wishing to fall over. I didn't like standing there. Then I found the sea, well, I say sea. I mean pond. I could see the other side, more land! This was just a puddle! I dipped my feet into the cool refreshing water. It washed away the grains of land that were sticking to and burning my feet (I later learned that this was sand). The sand was like walking on water, but slightly more solid. I didn't like that much either. So I went for a swim, hoping the water would calm me down. Unfortunately, or fortunately - I haven't quite decided if that was a fear or a desire - I woke up, in about the same place.

There was no land, I checked. So I was back on wet water. I liked that.  The Britain wasn't anywhere to be found. That I didn't like so much. The Boys must have sailed off without me.

"The sons of b-" I started to say, until a wave crashed on top of me. That usually puts a damper on your day. And your clothes.

"This one's alive!" I heard someone say.

"What the hell? Okay, does someone mind explaining?" Another voice said.

"Well, he just seemed to wash up."

"Ah! He's awake! Well, don't just stand there, help the man!"

The End

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