Chapter 4 - Invasion

So the journey wasn't that exciting. I left it out for length purposes, although I could draw out the story a bit, the citizens of Aqua don't particularly like block-busters. Fish were seen. Water was seen. The Spinner creaked a bit. I'm writing after the invasion, because it all happened too fast to record at the time. I'll try and remember as much as possible, seeing as this is meant to be a proper length story. People always told me I had a talent for writing, but this seems to be my major let-down: memory. I can never quite remember what happened, and so don't record it. It makes for a rather uninteresting story. Anyway, here's what happened.

The Spinner lived up to it's name by spinning away into the hull of Britain. The engine went from the soft purring I had gotten used to to a loud roar, filling my ears with noise. "I can't hear myself think" is a common expression here, I think that's what was happening. Suddenly the deafening stopped, I was sure that the Britons were going to hear that and find out what all the fuss was about. The Boys waited, and waited. No one came. Finally, the Boys got out the Spinners, making as little noise as possible. Naturally, a bucket was created in mid-air and fell to the floor*.

"Damn it! Someone keep a lookout for things like that." Sharkbait whispered after he dived behind a crate. It seemed as though we were in the hold of Britain, where they keep all their items for trading, and - quite handy, this - weapons. One of the Boys opened a barrel.

"It's full of powder!" He whispered triuphantly. A crate was opened.


"Well I never knew it was Christmas!" I heard the Christ on your world walked on water. Well our one created some land to walk on. Everyone was very impressed, until he drowned. In the land. It's a long story. Maybe one day.

We, quietly, made our way up the catwalks. I don't really remember this bit, and you'll find out why soon. I remember that there was a lot of machinery, it was probably the engine room or something. It was very hot, too. It might have been then. I honestly can't remember. We crept in the shadows, or at least, the Boys did. They were used to sneaking around and stealing stuff. I clanged around, I would have been better off if I had shouted "We're over here!" The reason nobody did come to find out what the noise was was because of the noise. I mean, the engine noise. Very different to the Spinner's soft purr. A massive swirl of boilers, pistons, steam being let off, and a few engines too. There were only two I can remember seeing, but the room seemed to stretch on forever, a network of pipes and machinery, connecting the ship to it's underbelly. After bumping into yet another wall from the dark, and trying to take in my surroundings for this book, I remember:

"Haude yer wheesht!" Which was the Boys' slang for "Be quiet, or I'll hit you!" They didn't give me a chance though, they just got right down to the whole hitting part. As far as I'm aware, the rest of the invasion went swimmingly, that is to say, literally.

The End

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